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Below terms and conditions are only applicable for myassignmentsolution.co.in. If you disagree with any of these mentioned terms and conditions, then don’t use this website. Only legally aged persons are allowed to purchase any product or service from my assignment solution.

  1. Interpretation of terminologies download-2

Websites: Website refers to the domain name i.e. myassignmentsolution.co.in. Any order submitted in this website will be considered as a product and it must be payable. Charge will be counted as per the pricing method mentioned in website page.

Company: The Company refers to the website name myassignmentsolution.co.in. Words used in this website like ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ denotes solely to our company. All the services wished to be provided by using these words ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ means we are legally and ethically bounded to fulfill those mentioned proposals.

Customer: Customer here is the person who has placed an order on the website and he/she is legally bound to pay for that order. The words used like ‘you’,yours’ refers to only customers or the person who has placed the order. First person used in FAQ customer page is only for customers. All the questions asked in first person are from customer’s point of view.  

Order: Order is the written document that customer is placed by filling up the order form located in our ‘Order Now’ page. An order can be accepted when after customer fills up all the required sections of order now form properly. After placing an order, it will be considered that customer is aware of all our terms and conditions mentioned in myassignmentsolution.co.in. Every order placed by customers is payable and payment will be charged according to price table mentioned in ‘price page’. We will consider order as the final confirmation from customer to work on it.

Service: Service is the product that will be produced after your order placement. Our service is a written document that you required from us. A soft copy of your placed order will be sent you to your mentioned address i.e. your email through which you have contact with us. It will be downloadable. We will serve you the sample of your placed order and it is for your non-commercial purpose only. You are required to pay us our assistance fees only. The content placed on this website or sent you via email are solely owned by myassignmentsolution.co.in.

Email: Email is the communication route through which myassignmentsolution.co.in can contact with customer. In the time of placing an order, given email id and respective email person will be considered as customer and he/she will be liable for placing all information on ‘order now’ page and payment of that respective order. Our Service will be sent in that given email only. Any other email or communication support will not be considered as valid to send our service. For any inconvenience, myassignmentsolution.co.in will also contact through that email or given contact number only.

Job title: Job title refers to your topic that you have selected to write down your academic project. Myassignmentsolution.co.in will consider the title mentioned in order now page as the final title. After placing an order, you can’t request for changing the job title until or unless we get written evidence. Extra payment will be considered if we found massive difference between your placed and rectified job title.

Job category: Job category indicates the type of service you required from us. For our detail service types, visit our service page http://www.myassignmentsolution.co.in/services/. Select your suitable service that you want from us. We will assist in making your project as per the category you select in order now page. If any mismatched noticed between your attachments and job category, we will contact you with your given contact details i.e. your email id and contact no. If we do not get any response from you then we will make the project in hold and a detailed mail will be sent to you. If you make any mistake in choosing correct category of job, then inform us through email and chat. In this case, we will start your project freshly after your second rectification call. Payment and time will be charged additionally for this case.

Job Sub-Category: Job sub category refers to subjects that you pursue. You can select sub category from dropdown in the order now page. Charges will be differed according to sub categories. Price is updated according to subjects or sub category on the price page of my assignment solution. You cannot change sub category of your project after placing the order. In any confusion, send us an email regarding your changes. In this case, you need to pay additional and project will be started freshly after you second rectification call. Payment and time will be charged additionally for this case.

Total Words: Total words refer the word count of your project content. It will be counted excluding your project title page, table of contents, abstract/executive summary, reference list and appendices. My assignment solution will prepare main content of your project in your given word count that has been ordered.

Job attachments: It may be your question paper, or class notes or anything else that will help us to guide you in your project. You can send your attachments in JPG, PNG, PDF, RAR, DOCX, PPTX, EXCEL formats. If we have any difficulties in downloading any of your attachments, then we will contact you with your contact details i.e. your email or your give contact number. For that time being, project will be on hold and deadline must be extended.

Deadline: It is your project delivery date that you have given while placing your order. We will consider the delivery date according to IST (Indian Standard Time). After placing your order, you can’t ask for your project before the given deadline. We will send your project on mentioned date and time through email. Order will be delayed for unclear instructions. In such case, we will contact you with given contact details.

Payment:  After placing an order in myassignmentsolution.co.in, you need to pay 50% of your chargeable money in our given PayPal account. We will start your project after receiving our 50% service charge in PayPal account; otherwise, it will be on hold. For another payment mode, please contact us. Rest 50% money you must have to pay before your project delivery date. If not, we can’t send your project soft copy. In between, we can provide you processing files of your project if you want.

  1. download-3Revision Policy

Free revision: We allow 15% free revision policy up to 10 days of your project delivery date. You don’t need to pay anything up to 15% of changes required in your project.

Payable revision: If we found your revision requirements are not mentioned in the primary order form, then you entirely need to pay extra money according to added words in your project. We can charge additional money is your required changes extend beyond 15% of ordered word count. After 10 days, if revision required from you, then it also be payable.

Order cancel: You can cancel your project revision within 3 hours after resending your project. After that, you are not allowed to cancel your revision or claim for compensation.

  1. Refund Policy 106003-200

Fail report: My Assignment Solution will provide you cash back return policy if your project gets failed after done by us. We can return your ordered value through our PayPal account. In this case, you must need to show your fail report in one month (31 days) after your project compensation.

Plagiarism report: We can allow our refund policy in case of plagiarism report beyond bearable limit. It will be applicable only after you show us the plagiarism report.

  1. download-4Copyright statement

All contents are used in this website are solely owned by myassignmentsolutio.co.in. No one is allowed to use these contents for commercial or another purpose.

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