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Why are you worried so much? Only a few days you have to prepare yourself for the exam? So what? It’s not too late. Still, you have few days. Oops! sorry… more hours, more minutes and seconds you have. Then why are you wasting these times to be worried? Come fast and let’s prepare for your exam. Yes, you can do. Believe me, it will not get you any sleepless night or you never be haunted by exam nightmares. It is time for utilization. Nothing is impossible in this world. Just bring confidence in yourself. Don’t get nervous! We are here to assist you in your preparation. Just follow our given points. We guarantee you will be well-prepared yourself for your test.

  1. Just keep calm and relax first. If you are too much worried, then you cannot be able to keep concentrate in your preparation. So just, let down all your nervousness and stay relax for some time. Bring confidence in yourself.
  2. Have you your final syllabus? Have a look into that. Just check once that are you familiar all with those topics given in your final semester syllabus or not. If yes then it is ok but if not, then please sort out all critical topics and keep them aside first. First, prepare yourself for your familiar topics. If you get time, then you can start one of those critical topics for better study but always take decision according to your time shortage.
  3. Sorted out your all critical subjects. In those you are felt difficulties, please give time to them to make yourself prepared. It does not mean you can neglect others, those you think easy to manage. No… Don’t do this mistake. Manage your time by going through all subjects daily; at least once in a day otherwise you cannot fix out your issues.
  4. Are you faced trouble in managing time? Don’t worry. Follow our instruction carefully. First, check your semester routine. Noted down the date of your hardest subject. Plan your preparation schedule accordingly. If your hardest subjects are in the first week of your exam, then start with it first and give more time on that to bring confidence on yourself.
  5. Prepare schedule chart for your daily time management. Keep your maximum time for exam preparation. Keep 8 hours daily for sleep or relaxation and more 5 hours or break. Prepare yourself for rest 11 hours for the exam. I think this is too much time for any students to get themselves prepared for their upcoming exams.
  6. Go through once with your class notes. Keep in mind, your instructor or professor wants to know have you ever listened to their words or reminded their guidance or not. So, if you overlook your class notes then, get ready for your fewer marks. 24*7 hours study also not brings you highest marks if your class notes are ignored. It is because you have made your professor realized that you listen to nothing his/her lectures or not ever attend his/her, class. So, don’t do this mistake. Just once, tally your class notes for final preparation.
  7. Check previous year’s questions once. It will help you to understand important topics for your current exams. Also, try to solve your previous year’s question paper to manage time for your upcoming exam.
  8. Try to understand important ones. Make your eyes prepare to check important topics for your current year examination. Try to follow class notes. Check once what your professor has taught, at which point he/she has emphasized more. Take note carefully. That topic will be your important topic for the upcoming test.
  9. Take brief notes of your study. Make simple points and subheading to keep remember your learned lessons. Writing immediately after reading that lesson will help you to keep that subject in mind forever.
  10. After done with your notes or sample tests, please revise it once. Continuous revision can help you to not forget your learned lesson and assist you in getting good marks in the exam.
  11. Last and finally, avoid unnecessary phone calls to your friends. It does not mean to detach yourself from your all friends but avoids unnecessary phone calls. It will hamper your continuous and serious study. If you are getting irritated with too many calls and chats, then switch off your phones for some time or off your mobile data connection for some time. Prepare yourself first and then chat with your friends to get some breaks. But all must be on your planned schedule.

So, what next? Be ready for your exam and plan your time management. It is utterly important to concentrate on your study to get good marks in the semester. Last, we can wish you all the very best. Good Luck!!!

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Time Management Tips for International Students

Are you studied in abroad? So how’s your life going on? All is fine?


Is it because you are running out of time? Well, don’t worry; this is happening for maximum international students. The reason may vary but the common thing is it happens because of the tension of deadline anxiety and better job opportunity. Just ask yourself- why you studied in abroad??? Maybe for a better job opportunity or may understand international work culture or just to enhance your knowledge. Is it??? Apart from these all options, time management is the primary rule for abroad study.

Some of you will think is so natural or common thing to maintain but sometimes common or simple works became harder to us especially when we are out of state. Just compare it with your home life and hostel life. When you are studying from your home, time management is too easy for you. You always are on time and get a good result in your personal life. Right??? You never forget anything in your home because it is known to you. But in the hostel!!! All will be in mess i.e. your books, dresses, cookeries everything as because it is not very well known place to you.

Similarly, time management is easier while you are studying in your nation but is hard in abroad. You are not so much familiar with abroad and that’s why you always run out of time. Along with this, some students prefer to do part-time jobs during their abroad studies. End of the day, managing time became difficult for them along with their study. So, let us guide you to manage your time during your abroad study.

Plan your bedtime and wake up time:

I think it is harder for most of the students as our mom are not around us to wake up. But whenever we plan for studying in abroad, it proves we are independent. So we, therefore, plan our schedule accordingly. Our parents will not ever around us to remind our daily routine. So, planning for bedtime and wake up time is the primary step for all abroad students to manage their time. I not mean to wake up early or to sleep at midnight but plan your relaxation time that will refresh your soul and mind.

Check your work routines:

You all have your daily work schedule. Then in beginning, plan it properly. I will suggest you plan your work schedule yesterday before you went to sleep because in morning you can miss any of your important appointment in hurry. But if you plan it before, then one of your appointments will be missed. Along with that, you also will be understood which appointment you can able to cover or not. You can inform that concern person accordingly. It will project your professional image to others.

Plan your daily summary:

After checking your work schedule, plan your daily summary. I mean to say segregate your timings in such way that you can cover all your important daily appointments.

Keep time for relaxation:

Please keep some time for your personal life. Don’t work 8-10 hours in a day that gets you into depression. Just keep 30 minutes or 1 hour’s minimum time for your relaxation. Do whatever you love like writing, reading books, painting, listening songs or else. Don’t see it as wastage of time because this relaxation time only brings you the pleasure of your entire day.

Plan time for your study:

Plan time for your study. If it is 2 hour then concentrate on these hours in your study. Don’t think for other topics during your study time. Make it completely separate and concentrate on it because you are in abroad to improve your professional skills. So don’t waste your planned study time. I will prefer to keep 1-2 hours study time in your home or hostel apart from your College or University class schedules.

Give time for your family:

It is not off bit but it is your responsibility towards your family. Your parents send you in abroad for your career development but they always worried about you. So call them once in a day. It is not just your responsibility but it will give both you and your family mental satisfaction.

Hope these mentioned tips will help you with your time management. Just try it once. It will help you a lot not only while studying in abroad but also in your state.

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