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argumentative assignment


Most of you can find maximum similarity between a research project and argumentative assignment. For a primary view, it is true. But don’t get confused. It is true regarding its justification and analysis but both research project and argumentative assignments are totally different with each other from the structure. Research area in a research project is limited but in an argumentative assignment, your area should be broad. A research project is very shortened area of argumentative assignment that project the actual issue happen in the society while in an argumentative assignment, the broader area will be disclosed. So, let’s learn something new about an argumentative assignment. Please follow the below points that you must have to include while writing an argumentative assignment.

Clear thesis statement:

Make sure, your thesis argument should be mention clearly in the first paragraph of your argumentative assignment. Readers have to know what is the main arguments of your assignment and what knowledge should they derived after learning your paper. So, a clear and justified thesis statement should be in introductory part of your assignment.

Enough background information:

More and more information will require justifying your argument in that assignment. It is not any creative writing competition that you can write whatever was in your mind. But you have to prove your arguments by giving supporting evidence. Therefore, proper and authentic information should be required in your assignment. It is just like your literature review. Therefore, you have to show arguments and relevant models of scholarly authors to justify your point of view. Similarly, you have to place this literature review concept in this argumentative assignment in a smaller way.

Detail research:

Detail research is required to collect authentic information for your assignment. Argumentative essay is the smaller version of any research project. Differently is between there structure. So, to justify your arguments and point of view, you have to research a lot. You also can collect samples like a dissertation to justify your analysis towards readers.

Arguments between scholarly articles:

An argument between scholarly articles must be proper in your assignment. You have to project arguments between selected models or theories, between concepts and at the end, you have to justify which concept you have selected in this paper and why. Proper evidence can increase the grade of your paper otherwise, it will be valueless towards readers.

Justify your arguments:

This section is yours that can be applied while concluding the assignment. Yes, you can project here your own concept and point of view to show readers why they read our paper. Is it for learning something new or just for time pass? As an academician, your first and foremost target will be to increase knowledge of your readers and for that reason; you have to establish your arguments with suitable examples, authentic information, and supportive evidence. Rest is Reader’s opinion.

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