Delving Deep into Research Philosophy

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research philosophy

Delving Deep into Research Philosophy

Research Philosophy can be daunting to understand even for the brightest of minds. But, nonetheless, it forms an integral part of your research and must be well outlined in the study that you want to exhibit to the world. Students seeking help from Dissertation Editing Services often reach out to improve upon their idea of what Research Philosophy is all about. Once you approach the professional, they break it down for you into tiny morsels for your ease of understanding.

What is Research Philosophy?

In the broad sense of the meaning, Research Philosophy actually deals with the source, nature and development of knowledge. Hence, addressing Research Philosophy in your research involves and includes a keen awareness and formulation of your own beliefs and assumptions. These, in turn, form the basis of your research strategy.

Dissertation Editing Services worldwide assist researchers by addressing the main elements that are to be included in the study as a part of the Research Philosophy. Things that are needed to be mentioned include:

  • Specification of the Research Philosophy that you are going to be using for your study.
  • Provision of logical reasons behind the philosophical classification of your research.
  • Discussion pertaining to the implication of the chosen research philosophy on your research strategy.

Research Philosophy Selection

If you happen to avail professional help via Dissertation Editing Services, they’ll help you become aware of how important it is that you have a clear idea of factors taken into account while choosing your Research Philosophy. Trust me, it’s not a piece of cake guys! You have to bear in mind that your choice of research philosophy has to be impacted by practical and logical implications. Studies differ in integral philosophies and thus the Research Philosophy is to be utilized in lieu of the kind of study you are dealing with.

Types of Research Philosophies

There are four main types of Research Philosophies that are used widely by researchers and professional Dissertation Editing Services make sure you select the one best suited to your needs. These include:

  1. Pragmatism: This philosophy believes that there are numerous ways of undertaking research and innumerable ways to interpret data. A single point of view can never paint the entire picture and there must several multiple realities and multiple working hypotheses. The research question is the most vital determinant of research philosophy in this case.
  2. Positivism: The doctrine of positivism revolves around the idea that science constitutes the only way to uncover the truth. Positivism broadly promotes the notion that only factual knowledge/data gathered through observation/measurement can be held credible. In this case, the researcher is essentially independent of his study and is limited to data collection as well as interpretation through an objective approach only. Findings are usually observable and quantifiable in this philosophy.
  3. Realism: Realism as a research philosophy propagates the notion of independence of reality from the human mind. Realism is based on the assumption of scientific approaches to develop knowledge. There are two branches of Realism, namely Direct and Critical Realism. While direct realism depends on the portrayal of the world directly through personal human senses, Indirect Realism argues that even though human beings experience and perceive the real world through their senses, it’s not always the true portrayal of the real world.
  4. Interpretivism: Interpretivism engages researchers and includes human interest into the study as it requires researchers to interpret various elements of their research. This philosophy embraces the idea that access to reality is incomplete without wading through various social constructions such as language, shared meanings, consciousness and instrument. Interpretivism is more focused on finding out meanings and may rely on multiple methods to reflect different aspects and facets of the same issue.

That’s all for now folks. Hope this answers all your preliminary questions regarding Research Philosophy. For deeper insights contact the nearest Dissertation Editing Services and make way for a sound academic career.

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