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annotated bibliography


Bibliography we all heard. But about annotated bibliography??? How many of us know about it? OMG!!! Ok, let me answer how many of us heard about this bibliography? Now it is satisfactory. We all heard about it but don’t know its application in academic services. Basically, annotated bibliography used mainly for writing scholarly papers, PhD dissertations to show why the writer has selected those resources for their advanced study. So basically it is an advanced and elaborative form of a bibliography. Writer or researcher has to project the critical outlook of their chosen reference briefly.

Wait Wait Wait! Are you getting confused between annotated bibliography and abstract? Ok, let me clear this confusion first. The abstract is the overview of your written research paper while annotated bibliography is the justification of your chosen references used in our research paper or assignment. Simply saying, space of abstract is based on your research paper or assignment On the other hand; the annotated bibliography is open-end writing of your used scholarly papers. It will increase the authenticity of your research paper. So lets’ start to learn about writing an annotated bibliography. Please follow our below steps:

Select all sources first:

The First step must be your resource collection. Gather all your primary and secondary resources to prepare your bibliography list. Make sure your collected resources must have a link to your assignment or research paper. An invalid resource is not required to prepare an annotated bibliography.

Prepare Bibliography list:

After collecting all relevant resources, now time is for preparing your bibliography list. Make sure, your bibliography list must be according to your required referencing style i.e. Harvard style, Chicago style, MLA style and all.

Identifies the arguments:

Now its the time for preparing an annotated bibliography. After preparing your all reference list, first find out the argumentative statement of your each selected resource. Write down each argumentative statement against of your every resource to show readers critical outlook of those selected papers. Make sure, it is not the literature review, so don’t link each statement with other resource’s statement. Just point out your critical overview of your every reference and write it down clearly.

Discuss the relevance of your used sources:

Make sure, after writing the critical statement of your every reference, the next paragraph should be your evaluation i.e. why you have selected those references for to your study. Please follow the below example format of annotated bibliography,

Gulle, K. (1995). International marketing, 3rd Ed. Oxford: London.

This book states …

Here the relevance of this book is to …

Prepare list according to referencing style:

Your reference list must be followed the required referencing style that you have mentioned in your college semester question paper. So prepare it accordingly. Each referencing style required a different format of an annotated bibliography. For example, MLA referencing style must have 3 paragraphs for each annotated bibliography. The first paragraph is for a summary of that text, secondly is for evaluation and third is your own reflection about that text.

On the other hand, Chicago referencing style of annotated bibliography can be done through one single paragraph that contains both the summary and evaluation of your text. All are depended on for different referencing styles.

Now you can understand how to write an annotated bibliography. So, if you are assigned some project that requires an annotated bibliography, just do it. Simply follow above steps. Your work will be completed easily.

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Library??? Again study??? You may please but sorry, I will not…

 These kinds of expression you get from your friends? You did not have any friend circle for making fun or planning for any parties or trips. Your friends taunt you as ‘library’, ‘bookish’ and like this and that???

Don’t be depressed. Library work is not only the task for studious students or scholars but for all people who want to learn something new. So if you are a good learner, then don’t hesitate. Just take membership of any of your nearest library and study there. You may start it from your college library because there you can get numerous databases to prepare your assignments, literature reviews, and reports. You may also be able to take membership for other libraries but it should be depended on your time management. But don’t take library as for hardcore study ‘concept’. It is not for that reason. It is made for learners who want to study their subject or need some concentration or maybe want to be alone for some time. It is one of the finest places to develop your maturity, learning capacity and emotions. So, apart from using the library for the purpose of a hardcore study, we do develop some points that prepare us a person so that’s why students should choose a library for their study.

Need Concentration:

Ohh! no free space for study? Are your surroundings sounds too loud? Then why are you wasting your time? A study in your college library with full of concentration and focus. Yes, only in your college library, you can focus on your study to think deeper and make your analysis bit critical. Don’t be shy! The library is not a place for only serious students but for those, who are very much focused towards their orientation. So, if you are oriented towards your career, then don’t waste your time. Go for a free study about 1-2 hours; collect all data and takes sort note for your detail study.

Collection of Online resources:

You may think why to go library for online study should while it can be possible from your home. Yes, you are also right, but in some college libraries, you may get access to some official and international journal resources. If you want access to those resources from your home internet, it may cost huge or sometimes need permission for authentication. However, from your college library, it will be too easy for you to collect relevant study materials for your research paper or assignment making.

Meet with study group:

Do you like group study? Why? Is it because to solve various questions with which you have faced difficulties? Hmm, you are right! Group study is best for all students to solve their various queries and academic issues. But if you don’t get familiar groups for study then don’t worry. Go to your college library. You will definitely find some groups and you will be much familiar with them also. No need to know how old or new they are, which stream they belong, how they performed in class but just meet them and discuss with them your difficulties and issue. You will definitely get some help and able to solve your issues.

Preparation referencing:

Library study can help you in collecting more authentic referencing for your dissertation. Not only that, but you may get access to an online survey through your library online resource. This kind of survey seems more genuine to both samples and readers as you have the tag mark of your college. Not only can you, your future researchers also take help from your survey result to prepare their research paper. Similarly, you also can take help of your previous scholars or researcher’s survey result to complete your own paper or to show comparative analysis.

Plenty of books:

Oh no! This book’s price is huge. Same expression, the same feeling you have whenever you want to buy your necessary study book from online stores or any bookstores. Don’t worry. Your library is there. Just get in and find out your necessary study book from registration files. You just need to pay a little i.e. your membership fees; nothing much.

So what next? You have your comfortable friends group now. Be with them. Now your so-called ‘smart’ friends can seek your help to prepare their assignments. Don’t be a rebel. Help them and make them understand your value and decision.

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Are your written exam done? Mission accomplished! Great!!!

Noooo??? Oh yes, it is time for your viva test. So what? You have done with your written exam nicely. Then why are you getting nervous for viva?

Ummm, let me guess. Is the reason is related to your face-to-face interaction process in examination? Then how will you pass your interview in college campusing? It will be hard time for you in near future. Be preparing yourself and start it with your viva test.

Ya, it happens some time that we feel afraid and nervous in exam center towards our known person specially when they appear to us as our destiny maker. So, it is natural, when we see our instructors or guide in front of us in Viva room, our limbs became benumbed; sweats show in our forehead; our all lessons, preparation are going far from us…

These all symptoms are much known to us. We also feel like that in the time of our viva test. But always remember, getting good marks in written exam cannot prove your capability towards interviewers who are supposed to be made your future career. Your personality, attitude, interaction all are judged first by interviewers. So, if you plan it to develop yourself in future then why not start from now. Start it from your viva test. Imagine it as your interview session through which, your personality, merit, skill, educational capability will be judged by interviewers. Then let’s start for your viva preparation with following tips:

Calm down and relax: Before your viva test, always be in relax mood otherwise, your anxiety will never let you show your potentiality towards judges. So calm down, reduce all your tensions and be cool and in relax mood. Do whatever you want to like reading books, listening music or party with friends. Try to give rest your brain. This relaxation will help you to show your capability in your viva test.

Remember your lessons: Try to remember your lessons or class notes that your instructor has dictated. Remember your guide is well known about your nature and characteristics because he/she has notice you carefully in classroom. They are much known about your weak points and in viva, this is the golden moment for them to hit at your weak point. Don’t think it negatively. Your instructor will not at all happy in giving you less mark but they aimed to take you out from your weak natures to show your capabilities in commercial market. So, find out your weak points and try to cover it to beat in your viva test.

Go through with your research paper: Just goes once your research paper again. Though you have done the project but sometime any kind of silly mistakes will bring you fewer marks. So be careful about every important point in your research paper and answer confidently to your instructor.

Be presentable: Your anxieties must not be revealed towards your instructor. If it happens, then your game ends. Present yourself professionally. Your smartness, attitude must be reflected through your dressings and behavior. But Don’t be over smart or extra confident. This will not impress your instructor but your unprofessional behavior disappoints them. They will think you as attention seeker rather than professional. Always be confident and show your professional attitude to impress judges.

Try a demo with yourself: If you are soo nervous, then try a demo viva test with yourself. You must have seen your friends in demo proposal practice for their upcoming girlfriends/boyfriends in front of their mirror. Then why not you use it for examination purpose. Try yourself a demo viva practice. It will let you know about your all weakness and knowledge gaps. Finally, you will get some time to solve your personal issues to be presentable in your viva test.

So, what next? Hurry up and be ready for your viva preparation. It’s time to progress another step towards archiving your desire.

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Most of you people will think that why am I writing on this topic again because already I have given guidelines about how to write assignments. Then why will I guide you again about writing finance assignment? Is there any difference or certain rules for writing finance assignments? So, let me tell you its answer is both yes and no. Confused???

Obviously, because my answer is confusing. So, let me clear your all confusions. Finance assignment has no such difference than other assignment writings but it follows some certain rules. Look, the term ‘finance’ itself follows some principles. We can judge or analyse quality of finance assignments by its statistical data, relevant calculations, presentation, excel sheets and other statistical methods. It proves, without having those principles i.e. calculations, excel sheet, statistical data, finance assignment cannot be accepted as complete. Now you can understand my ‘confused answer’ that why I am telling it both yes and no. It is no because, structure of finance and other assignments will remain same meanwhile it is yes because finance assignment requires some mathematical rules and principles. Analysis here is not important but students must and must need to correct financial calculations otherwise entire analysis will be in vain.

Here, we are providing you some basic guidelines for writing finance assignments. Students, who are going to write their paper for the first time, must follow this to present your all answer as ‘complete’. Not only for assignments, students can also use these guidelines for preparing their research paper and financial reports.

  1. Use basic calculations of finance like ratio analysis, budgeting, NPV calculation, preparing of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow declaration. These are the primary step of finance papers that you have to include for completing your paper. So you must have to know all calculations in Excel sheet with formulas. Without presenting these calculations, your paper will be found as incomplete and artificial.
  2. Use statistical presentation in your paper. Finance assignments or research papers need lots of statistical data and graphical presentations. So use those all nicely and neatly in your assignment. Always keep in mind, your assignment does not look like a literature or theoretical paper. Avoid using too many financial theories. It is not required while graphical presentation with full of statistical data is must and must need for finishing your finance assignment. If you are not aware of all those calculations and excel sheet formulas, then take help from your friends or seniors to prepare your assignment. Otherwise, using lots of theories in finance assignment will less your marks in semester.
  3. Well, you are submitting your excel sheet with your assignment copy. You didn’t show all calculations and formulas in your soft copy!!! Don’t do this mistake. Write down all your formulas along with explanations in your word file also. It will make your assignment looking authentic and useful. Another reason is that few readers can understand excel formulas while word file looks more attractive, easy to understand and presentable to them.
  4. Your analysis will be based on calculations and given statistical data. You can use financial theory there to support your analysis but the ratio will be 65:35 where maximum section requires for data presentation and rest is for analysis. Also, analyse your paper with examples to make it live in presentation.
  5. Proofread your paper well before its final submission. Especially cross check calculations properly because a small mistake can change your entire analysis process. So be careful about this and cross check properly of every calculation before its analysis and obviously submission.
  6. Paraphrase well all financial terms otherwise you will be punished for doing plagiarism in your paper. It is happened in most of the cases that students are penalised for plagiarism percentage while they are not at all accountable for that. It is because for financial terms that not never be changed. So, I will advice you paraphrase well all financial terms to avoid plagiarism.

Before submission, make sure, you have used all these above mentioned points in your finance assignment or research papers. These are the basic steps. Advance guideline you can get it after.

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Ohh no!!! Laww…

Exactly this feeling or kind of sigh we always have whenever we heard about the quoted word ‘LAW’. Why? Yes, because we are all peaceful people. We don’t ever want to visit courtroom or any kind of judicial proceedings as these all are hectic procedures. But, we love to see court cases in our favourite TV shows, films and other media options.  Especially we love to see the controversy between two opponent lawyers in courtroom. Right??? We not even slept a night if the victim does not get proper judgement. If we love controversies, judgement, then why we have nightmare regarding doing a law project. Two different opinions will be raised-

First, it is very hectic and analytical project to do

Second, lots of studies needed to do a law job

According to my view point, both opinions are valid. Law project is neither writing a management assignment but also nor doing a research paper.  For our normal assignments or reports, we usually relate our questions with given case study and suitable theories and modules. On the other side, research paper or dissertation requires in-depth investigation to find out the actual truth. Assignment requires more information about mentioned case study but for dissertation, personal opinion and critical analysis is more important. Law project is the mixed version of these both services. You need to do lot of research along with your analysis and arguments to reach the conclusion.

Yes, it is the vital part of doing a law project i.e. drawing its conclusion. You can’t able to do it swiftly because wrong conclusion can spoil life of your client or the victim. So, you always needed to be cautious about all clause and remedies of your national law. After you understand the main clause and remedies of your selected law, it is too easy to write down your paper.  For example, if you are dealing with Contract and Negligence Act of UK law, then certain remedies and clauses of this act you must have to know. Otherwise, you can’t able to give any advice or solution to your client. Some basic instruction therefore, we are providing here to work on your law project. Don’t worry; these instructions will help you to make your project more easily without having any a headache.

Find out the issue: This is the first step to proceed in your law project. Finding the issue is bit tough because your given case scenario includes lots of ambiguities. So, first understand the main motive of your case study. It will help you to find out your law issue to deal with it.

Set your legal rule: Your legal rules must be relevant according to your selected issue. Keep in mind, many remedies and clauses you can find in your legal rules but you need to select the appropriate one to justify your issue.

Express your analysis with critical arguments: Your analysis will support your chosen legal rule. Not only that but your analytical expression also be formulated to close all related controversies of your chosen issue.

Draw suitable conclusion: This section will contain your advice or solution for your client. Make sure, your concluding statement carries all responses and valid answers for your opponent’s questions.

Last, make you’re writing a bit professional. Referenced it properly and check your formatting and structure before submitting your final project. Be careful about plagiarism and proof read your paper properly.

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It is not sounding too much serious because we all are well known about preliminary terminologies of introduction writing. Then why I am writing on this topic other than making some interesting ones. So let’s questioned you what are the basic parameters of writing an introduction? Let me guess- overview of your title, definition of key words, brief about your assignment structure and probable conclusion. I can miss out two or three more points but generally, students are gone with the above-written points of making introduction.  Are you agreeing with me??? Yes and here is the problem.

Despite assignment or research paper, introduction is not about your title overview of key words definition. It is not at all about briefing your assignment structure rather than explore the rationality of your selected subject. It is the exact method that reporters often used in their newspaper. If you went through with any newspaper you can find the short and compact report is in the first paragraph of your news story. reporters follow this method to aware readers about the main fact i.e. why the thing is to happen and what will be its possible result. Like that, your introduction will be carried the fact of your chosen subject to answer their ‘why’.

It is better to imagine it as the guiding map of your assignment to finish it on time. As you could not reach your unknown destination without having any guiding map; like that, your introduction is the guiding map to finish your assignment more easily. Here we are discussing some basic guidelines of introduction writing that may help you beyond of your project category.

Understand project title: It is like selecting actual starting point before beginning your journey. Otherwise, your whole rip will be hectic. Similarly if you do not understand your project title and why have you selected this, then your entire project will be mess. It is because you can’t able to justify why you have picked up scholarly concept to write down your assignment. So before proceed please select your suitable title to which you are familiar and can connect your relevant concept.

Criticise your project: Readers don’t want to know about definition rather than your point of view about that topic. So make sure, your critical notion must reflect in your introduction paragraph that makes your readers aware about your own justification.

Form your project aim: Your project aim must have to reflect in your introduction. It will come after your thesis statement. Keep in mind, your project aim must differ your assignment from another. Otherwise, your paper will lose its individual ground.

State about your outline plan: Detail outline plan of your project will be formed after you have projected all critical aspects and theorization of your selected title. Through this way, readers can understand possible mind map that you want to show them.

Draw probable outcome: In finishing, draw probable outcome of your assignment. It will be like forming hypothesis. It may differ but readers should know about possible conclusion that may develop in last of your paper.

Don’t include these points:

  • General definitions of your assignment title
  • Long and complex sentences
  • Real life examples
  • Final Conclusion
  • Too much passive voice

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Absolutely, it will be most serious work in your whole academic career when you have assigned one dissertation. It requires your full concentration, serious attitude, and in-depth research. You will be assigned time to complete your research paper but if you do not get prepared in beginning, it will trouble you with sleepless nights. So set up your time plan to cover every step of your dissertation swiftly. We will guide your planning.

First, understand what dissertation is? A Research paper, Thesis paper, and much answer will come. Let me inform you, dissertation varied according to your academic years. You can find huge difference between your graduation year dissertation and master’s year dissertation. Will you ever ask yourself why you have assigned a same project i.e. dissertation in both your masters and graduation year??? If you researched well, then you can understand that the difference is between analysis techniques of your paper; nothing more than that. Therefore, you need to develop your analysis technique in each promotion of your academic career otherwise; your dissertation will be fuzzy.

So, let’s experience you about dissertation journey. Imagine it as a crime scene. There is an issue; you have to investigate that issue by following some procedures, solve it and submit your case report with valid conclusion. Dissertation is nothing more than a crime scene. Let’s enter the scene by the following structure.

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Data analysis
  • Conclusion and recommendation

Introduction of a dissertation starts with a research issue. Many researchers made a mistake in this section. Whenever we heard the word ‘issue’ we are looking for any negative incident. But NO!!! Issue does not show negativity but some positive features also rely upon it. You personally often faced many issues in your life. But there may be some issues that bring new idea, dimensions in your life. Is not it? Based on that positive issue, you have modified your aim of life. Similarly, despite positive or negative, an issue always help the researcher to go back in the history to find a new outlook. Like in a crime scene, investigators always go backward to find crime motive. Based on that motive, the aim of making the crime can be understood. Similarly, research aim, research questions is being developed to understand your issue.

Literature review is the past history of your selective issues. Think it as a process through which investigators collect evidence to find out crime motive. Based on your literature review, you can understand the reason of your issue. It is the primary step that helps you to form your research hypothesis and questions.

Methodology is the pathway that guides you to complete your investigation. Keep in mind, dissertation is not an essay that only reflects your own idea and critical point, but it is your autobiography that tells us your entire journey of life. Hence, you will not include all your life incidents in your biography other than some selective incidents that portray your life journey. Like this, in Dissertation, methodology helps you to select your possible research materials.

Data Analysis is the climax of your dissertation. In this scene, you will show your investigation by showing evidence and present your witnesses. This section is the heart beating moment for all audience because investigator is going to disclose the name of crime person. Am I correct??? So your analysis part needs to create such exciting moment on readers that they can understand the main point of your argument with valid evidence.

At last, the time of concluding your investigation is here. Yes, here you can conclude your point of view, recommend some possible ways for further improvement. It is needed because your paper also needs the tag ‘Happy Ending’.

Please wait some moment!! Before shifting to another page, don’t forget to proof read your dissertation before its submission. It is too much important task to make your dissertation authenticate and reliable. Also, make your paper plagiarism free otherwise your all hard work will be in waste.

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Hi guys, today we are here again to give you some tips in making academic power point presentation (PPT). Not interested?? But believe me; PPT making is not as funny as you think. Don’t get scared, I mean to say PPT needs professional look to create interest on viewers. Sometimes, you could not get good marks in your PPT assignment after giving your effort and making it so nicely. So, let’s tell you, it is because of your poor packaging. It is little confusing because packaging is related to product manufacturing while PPT is used for information presentation. Is not it?

Always keep in mind, PPT is closely related to the term ‘presentation’ that means your piece of creation must be presentable towards the audience. It not only wants heavy contents or piles of pictures but needs to maintain balance between your contents and pictures. In our academic field, this process is quite different from business presentations as we need to maintain our sincerity and intellectuality in it.

Basically, PowerPoint presentation is visual rhetoric that presents your ideas and speech in same codes through various symbolic points. Below assistances will guide you to prepare your PPT.

Prepare suitable layout

Whenever you are looking for making PPT, first create a suitable layout. Look, you cannot buy any product that has a messy look, right? But if it gets wraps nicely?? Then we will definitely go for it. So prepare your layout that will attract your audience’s attention in its first glance.

Form your subject structure

As we are preparing our presentation for academic purpose so, make sure you have developed a suitable structure first. Keep in mind, presentation is required to make the audience understand about your idea in short time. So make a clear structure first that will visually present your ideas and important notes to the viewers. If your presentation indicates your report writing, then structure it accordingly or if it will indicate research paper then create different structure.

Avoid forming sentences

Don’t fill your slides with full of sentences and huge contents. Remember, your audience will not interest in reading contents but they want to know your ideas that you need to present.

Use Bullet points

Use bullet points to express your ideas. Make sure your points should emphasise on contents, not in your words. It will be tedious for the audience if they need to move their eyes twice to read and understand given information. For example, don’t use ‘Samsung has surprised their customers by launching new model of Smartphone’. Use ‘New invention in technology’ or like that.

Adjust pictures

PowerPoint presentation is emphasising more on visual presentation rather than your linguistic words. So use some pictures to adjust your visuals. Don’t cover your slides with piles of pictures but use some authentic ones that make your creation genuine. Make your presentation simple but it must have a professional look.

Positively use speaker notes

In academic writing, your speaker notes will be contained all relevant information related with slides. Speaker notes will contain your voice to present your views and ideas towards the audience.

Show appreciation towards your audience

Always show your appreciation towards your readers. Keep remember, it is your responsibility to make your audience active. So, don’t forget to add ‘THANK YOU’ in your last slide to appreciate audience to give their time on your creation.

Last, allow yourself for an introductory speech before starting your presentation. A good introductory speech can always create affection among your viewers. Hope, now you will be quite ready to prepare your PPT assignment for semester. Wishing you all the best!!Just move on with your effort…

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This title seems a bit confusing; is not it?? How far our personal development plan will play such significant role in our academic career? Should we get good marks in our semester or get a better job opportunity by developing personal development plan? So many questions like these will arouse in your mind. So, let us inform you student life is not bounded in your semester years, good result, making new friends, spending time on social media sites, expressing emotions, sleepless night for preparing assignments and research papers and all. No…Never…

Student life has no such fixed boundaries. It is the pathway that assists you to go ahead. Yes towards your aim. So, first understand our aim which you can fulfil from your academic life by learning, gaining knowledge, doing research. You will face many difficulties because of some of yours ambiguities. Personal development plan needs, therefore, to overcome all these ambiguities to develop yourself as a person and make significant progress in your life.

Planning is necessary whenever we cannot fix out our issues. In our academic career, lots of issues will raise and we have to overcome these all to meet our goal. So let’s discuss how you will prepare yourself for your personal development plan.

  • Understand your weakness first. Remember, your weakness is the biggest barrier to your development. So defeat it to make progress in your life.
  • Stick on your aim. It will help you to forecast your future and plan your academic life accordingly.
  • Accept the truth. You are not made for all jobs. So understand your suitable career to plan your future. If you are interested in art, then go for a creative job to make your career secured or if you have a good communicative skill, then make your career in marketing.
  • Analyse your progress. Are you able to cope up with a new atmosphere, new subjects or not. If not then, the subject or that academic career is not suitable for you. So it will be better to shift it.
  • Give deadline yourself and try to meet it. It will show you the mileage between your career and your goal. One small example for you. Your instructor has assigned you one dissertation. Indeed you have a proper time plan; you cannot complete your paper. So, first, make your time plan to complete your research paper. Closed each step after you have done with it. End of the day, you will see that your research paper is ready without giving you any trouble and single sleepless night.
  • Keep record of your success. It will influence you to carry on your struggle and gets achievement.

So, now you can identify, why I am emphasising more on preparing personal development plan. Yes, it is not related to your assignment making, research paper submission but it will present your entire academic scenario to earn respect in future. So don’t waste your time and keep prepare your personal development plan to secure your future.

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