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Are you interested in story writing? Are you enthusiastic about posting new events on your social media sites? If you are interested more in such creative activities, then why are you not trying to prepare your own reflective journal? It is not a too tough task. Yes, a reflective journal is basically your own thoughts on a particular event or past incidence faced by you. You have to just present your views and thoughts to your readers regarding that event with thorough analysis and arguments.

I know you are bit confused between reflective journals and argumentative essay writing style because both needed personal opinion to establish the rational outlook. Let’s inform you reflective journal is 40% similar to an argumentative essay and 40% with reflection report. Rests 20% is your own opinion that how will you frame your paper, how the data will include in the paper and all. Not understand yet? Ok, let me explain you in detail. Start from its first similarity. It is 40% similar to argumentative essay; right? First, think what are the basic key points in an argumentative essay?

  • Key thesis statement
  • Theoretical arguments of scholarly authors
  • Your own justification

Second, 40% similarity is regarding your reflective report. What do you want to project your reflective report?

  • Your issue with dealing the subject
  • Guidance to overcome those issues
  • Key Learning’s

Look, here I have segregated main points from your each 40% similarity. How we have to find out the common concept that has in both these two projects. What are they? First, it is the issue. Second, it is your key learning. So, a reflective journal is nothing but your own reflection about your discovered issue that must be presented in a different format that rests 20%. First 80%, you know how to write and proceed. For rest 20%, just follow our below-mentioned points.

Useful background details:

Your journal must carry useful information about your present event. Always remind, you are going to tell your readers about your experienced event or anything in which you have found interest. So, detail information with proper rationale must be presented in the first few paragraphs in your journal to make your readers aware of why they are learning your paper and what knowledge they should gain after learning this. It is like the rational section of any dissertation. Without having that rationale your readers will never understand why are they study your dissertation paper. Similarly, if your background information is not sufficient and well justified, then your paper will lose its weight.

Justify your rationale:

Justify your answer with more realistic way. Here is the difference between reflective journals and argumentative essay. In case of an argumentative essay, your justification will support by various scholarly articles and their views. But here, in the reflective journal, you have to present your own real-life experience with supportive case studies to prove your justification towards readers.

Ananlyse your actions:

Now it is your part. You have to justify your taken action in that situation that you have mentioned in your journal. Make sure, your actions must be ethical otherwise; it will create a negative impact on readers. You also can support your taken actions by giving relevant case studies.

Share your thoughts:

Share your thoughts like why are you taken those actions, why you observe that event like that way and something that. Mind it, your given thoughts will generate a new viewpoint towards your readers and that’s why your thoughts must be ethical and realistic. No fantasy will be accepted here.

So, if you have experienced some interesting event, then don’t waste your talent on posting those writings on social media sites. Make your own reflective journal and share your creative thoughts with others. Always remind, knowledge sharing can enhance your learning capacity. Then don’t waste your time. Start from here. We will wish you a very ‘Good Luck’!!!

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If I am not so wrong, all of you have heard this word in your classes specially those who have recently finished their dissertation or case study assignments. All of you have written reflective report to show the efficacy of your selected theories and its applications. So, my question is here for those who have used reflective report in their paper. Can anyone answer me that why you have used reflective report or what was its importance in your research paper or assignments? The answer may be for personal development or showing own efficiency in your research paper. Well, all are right but these answers are one sided. Answers are given from student point of view but if I asked you to describe this answer to those who have recently assigned their research project then? This one sided view will give them a blurred  opinion about reflective report and this is one of the reasons that most of the students cannot write their reflective report properly in their research papers or assignments.

So giving all answers of these confusions, I would like to say that reflective report is nothing but personal reflection upon your subject. I know that this definition is looking funny and too much simple but it is hard to apply in student paper. Why? Just simply answer me what have you written in your reflection of dissertation paper? Your used theories, your class experience, your difficulties, right? According to me- all are very generic. Your instructor does not want to know about your used theories and class experience because these things are all visible to him/her. Rest is your difficulties that you have solved with the help of your instructor. So why have you written these all again in your refection? These all have no use. Then what should we write? Your answer starts from below points. Just go through these points. All your confusions and above-mentioned questions will be answered. It is not for those who have completed their reflective reports but for those students also who have recently assigned this to prepare.

Practical experience: The title reflective report denotes that it wants your own experience in writing. Experience means all those knowledge that you have gathered from your overall research journey. While you re-searching for your assignments or research papers, new knowledge you have gained in every time. This is your practical knowledge because all these you have gained from your academic journey. Then reflect this experience in your report to introduce this new era with your readers. For suppose, your assigned research paper is on Shakespearean Plays.  So, how would you proceed with this paper? Obviously researching on Shakespearean plays, novels, reviews of plays and like these. Sometime you will be irritated for searching a lot about Shakespeare or be confused between your thought and review papers. Sometime you also will be glad by knowing more new information about Shakespeare. Express these all in your report to show your readers both your irritation and pleasure of learning that they can get an idea about overall research methods.

Your own thinking: Reflect your thought to your readers that they can get various viewpoints about a same topic. How? It’s too simple. Justify your collected data by your own viewpoints to your readers or in your reflective report. Simply thought, some people look to nature as gift of God and some just it as nature i.e. being of its existence. All is about reception-oriented viewpoint. Therefore, you are not the only one who has researched on Shakespeare but many scholars have done it before. So what is different between your papers with them? This is the field where you can show your own viewpoints or create your new vision on selected topic to your readers. Believe me; this new perception is always welcome for readers along with its positive and negative outlook.

Your own way of application: Wait! It is not just to show your used theories or modules. It is already has seen by readers in the primary sections of your research papers or assignments. Here readers want to know how you as individual have applied those renowned theories or modules in your paper. Therefore, critical analysis is needed otherwise it will be too much generic to reading and may be one of the reasons of your less mark in semesters.

Perception of your idea on readers: Yes, your writing style will be always from your reader’s point of view. It is because, while you have prepared your research paper, it is for projecting a new idea to your readdress. Therefore, your reflective report also must be written from reader’s point of view that what kind of benefit they can get or problem they can face through your theory of applications. It will make your readers known about the efficacy of your paper.

Problems faced by you: State your problems that you have faced regarding formulating your paper. Make sure, this point is not required your knowledge gap. It only wants to know your problem of application of those theories or modules that further help your future researchers.

Your knowledge gap: This point should be in your conclusion of the reflective report. Yes, being a student it is not possible for you to know everything about your selected topic and in limited time. Therefore, some knowledge gap will be there that you need to confess honestly to your readers. If not, then your paper will lose its authenticity. Always remind, scholarly papers also have some research gaps and for these critical reviews formulated. Scholars only project their viewpoints with thorough research in their paper but viewpoint can be differing according to different reception orientation. From this gap, further reviews or research paths will raise. As you are a student, therefore, acknowledge your knowledge issue clearly to your readers that will open future research scope for them.

Hope these above-mentioned points will solve all your answers of using reflective report in assignments or research papers. Believe me; you will love to write a reflective report as because it has no such academic rules or writing pattern to project your ideas. You just need to cover all those above-mentioned points clearly and that’s it. This funky style of expression yourself is highly appreciated among readers world.

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