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MBA study


It cannot be only for current trends or better job opportunity! No… Never!!!

Yes, I am neglecting both these concepts because I am not thinking your MBA selection is only for current trends. If it so, then I will suggest you think it again otherwise you will accountable for your career failure. If MBA is your ambition, then carry on with your choice otherwise, think about other options. Next is better job opportunity that I think is not so important because all commercial and subjective courses have their own job fields. It depends upon students to choose their career according to their suitable courses.

Then why we study MBA? Before giving you details explanation about this question, I would like to provide you with my personal opinion. According to me, the word MBA or Masters of Business Administration itself it very catchy and prestigious to sound that attracts the attention of many students to study this course for developing their career growth or get better career opportunity. It does not mean that this course is developing career illusion among students but today’s growing business industries and network technologies have created demand for study MBA among students that ultimately help them for seeking better career opportunity. Following points will explain you in details for why you choose MBA for higher study.

Higher salary:

We study not only for acquiring knowledge but also for developing our career opportunity, pay scale, advance lifestyle. Through MBA study, you will reward by higher pay scale. According to a survey, median MBA students get $100,000-$120,000 salaries with having a degree though from medium University. No, I am not joking! It happens. MBA students are compensating higher salary in the market that students can get never from other commercial fields.

Own business:

Learning MBA will provide you with the opportunity of opening your own business. It will be easy for you as you have all knowledge of financial planning and business management. A business plan is a compulsory section of MBA study that will teach you how to start your own business. Getting success or failure is the end result, but if you really want to do something new and innovative, then apply your all MBA knowledge in starting up your new business.

Career Opportunity:

Studying MBA will provide you numerous kinds of career opportunities like HR jobs and jobs for marketing and management posts. For other career fields, job opportunities are limited but in MBA you can get various and interesting opportunities to project yourself. Jobs for HR manager posts, IT manager, financial advisor, finance manager, marketing executives are some renowned posts for MBA students that can bloom their career. A recent market survey shows that job opportunity growth in HR manager posts is about 16% while 18% and 28% growth have seemed in IT and marketing manager posts.

Business networking:

Business Schools or Colleges are provided students the opportunities to meet business people, recruiters, entrepreneurs to settle down their career. This business networking seems a huge opportunity for students who have recently completed their MBA degree. Job security psychology, therefore, works in their mind that makes students more enthusiastic and professional to make growth in their career.

Job security:

Through MBA study, you can get various job opportunities in the market. For having knowledge of managerial role, you never get de-motivated for choosing MBA as your higher study. Despite renowned posts in MBA, recently new wings are also opening like healthcare service, hospitality management, tourism that also a booming sector in the contemporary market. You just make sure that 85% job opportunities you can get through your MBA study.

Lead in emerging field:

Each and every field of MBA study are interesting and different. So, if you choose any of these fields as your career, you will get some time to prepare yourself for that posts without participating in the current rat race. Yes, competition is there but opportunities are also evolved. So, this course of study will never let you hopeless in your career.

Knowledge development:

Obviously, MBA study will enrich your knowledge about the contemporary market condition and about managerial performance. Students who are interested in the financial field, have a golden chance in this contemporary edge. Every day, you will learn a new lesson in both of your academic and professional careers through studying MBA.

Communication improvement:

If you are shy but studying MBA, then don’t be that because, through MBA study, you have to develop your communication skill. It is not just an administrative work but you have to advise, inspire and motivate people to achieve your desire. Through effective communication, only this kind of achievement possible.

Personal development:

All over, you will develop your personal self. It does not mean that personal development is not possible in other career fields but through an MBA, you need to notice continuously your PDP (Personal Development Plan) otherwise, your career growth will be static.

So, if you are still in confusion, then forget it and just apply for your MBA study. Just keep in mind, the name of the institution is not mattered here. The important thing is only application. If you catch that trick, then your career graph will be in up or else, it will be static.

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