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We read. What? Only Books? Nopes… reading is not only related to your fat books or class lecture notes. We always or often read our surrounding environment, our own self, symbols, environments, everything. All we read, we understand its meaning (obviously as per our knowledge), make a mental structure on it to behave accordingly. Then, why is re-reading??? Is it only for understanding our class lessons or getting good grades in our semesters?  Questions are many but answer is one- ‘to develop ourselves’. Yes, Re-reading is essential to develop our own thoughts, understandings, perceptions over society and obviously to develop our own knowledge.

Literature or Social Science students may once read the research paper ‘Of Grammatology’ from where concept of re-reading critically discussed and analysed. Therefore, literature or social science students may observe re-reading as the critical application of discourse analysis but here we are discussing the motive of re-reading for students. You can question us that are we not understand things or content in our first reading? Obviously yes, but re-reading is also necessary to recognize core value of the content or statement. According to us, international students must have to use this to interact in abroad.

Most of the international students have faced a major problem regarding language while studying in abroad.  For this reason, learning also became too difficult for students as they could not communicate with their instructors or colleagues. You often may face this issue in university tour. Importance of re-reading is here as it will provide you with a construct inner meaning of your sender through symbolic options. Other than that, it also assists abroad students to apply their critical notions while preparing their research papers or assignments.

Make me explain you these all in a simple way. Just think about your first-day class. You feel little difficulty to understand your professor’s lectures. Right? But now you are familiar with all these. So how it happened? It happens through your re-listening process. You become habituate with your lecturer conversation gradually through continuous listening to his/her voice. It is simply learning process of a child. He or she learns everything by listening continuously. Similarly, re-reading of your paper or communicative symbols also help students to understand those contents deeper.  Here, we are providing you two basic points that will give you benefits through re-reading.

Deeper understanding: Students can identify main features of their content or subject to work upon it. It is like exposing your subject in newer way. E.g. suppose you are an MBA student studying in abroad. Your lecturer has taught MBA modules and its application in every week. You cannot remember weekly class lectures if you do not involve yourself in reading. So how you marked your progress? It will be reflected in per week as longer you involve yourself in continuous reading. This process will basically redirect you into re-reading otherwise you cannot understand the basic concept of your learned theory or module properly.

Accuracy in knowledge: As longer you involve in continuous reading and learning new things, your knowledge accuracy also will be increased. It is because re-read help us to decode the first phrase intensely that create a perception about next phrase on reader’s mind. Basically, re-read help students to think every phrase logically.

Don’t only see it as an advice from our end but applied it in your daily scenario. If you are involved in making your assignment or dissertation, then apply these basic rules to make your paper more accurate and also to show your comprehend knowledge. Just keep time for checking plagiarism report. Rest all are authentic and outcome of your creative mind.

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