Emotional Branding in Marketing Assignment

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emotional branding

Emotional Branding in Marketing Assignment

The use of emotions in developing awareness or attracting potential customers is an age-old method used by the marketers and sellers of the different eras. You can review the history of marketing for many such examples. Marketers used different types of emotions like joy, surprise and even fear in their marketing and advertising strategies to evoke an inclination towards their brand or product offerings. One of the classical examples of emotional branding is used by the ‘father of modern advertising’ Thomas J. Barratt in promoting Pears Soap. He used the painting of J.E. Millais’s grandson with the caption of bubbles. This particular advertising used the emotion of joy and innocence targeted for middle-class children group. Nike’s ‘find your greatness’ and Dove’s ‘Real beauty sketches’ campaigns are some more examples of successful emotional branding strategies.

So what do you think about the success of such campaigns? One thing is for sure that these brands used one of the six emotions that can better communicate their brand. Tell me if you can recall some 10 years old campaigns still fresh in your mind. The elements and emotions used in the campaign still have the power to reconnect with you. They can either make you smile or can make you weep with happy or sad tears. Thai Life Insurance’s ‘Unsung Hero’ ad is one such example using emotional branding making viewers shed happy tears. Marketers used emotions not just to enhance their brand name or attract customers. It plays a big role in building long-term relationships and loyalty between the brand and the customers.

Just think how you cherish the joyous moments in your life even after a gap of many years. Think how a bad experience in past can cause a fear in your heart that still send tremors when faced with similar circumstances. The basic mantra of using emotional branding is to tug the heartstrings of the customers, how the emotions and needs mingle together to create a likeness and necessity for the customer. I know it boggles your mind thinking how to connect all the dots. If you are given to work on emotional branding in your marketing assignment you need to think out of the box. Of course, you need to follow the basic instructions provided by your teacher but you need to do more if you want to increase your grades.

Irrespective of the nature of the product/service you first need to identify how your product will emotionally connect with the target group. As a potential customer, you will always seek for the USPs in a brand while making a purchasing decision. Now think as a customer how the USPs of the brand will make you feel. Will the brand/ product bring you the benefits and joys of using it? What do others say about this brand? How much will you accomplish with your goal after using the brand? As a customer, you will always go for the positive vibes from the brand rather than the pains you may face while using the brand. Remember to keep these basic points while you are writing about emotional branding.

Applying branding and needs theories in the content is usually described in most of the marketing and advertising assignments. You cannot avoid applying theories and models as they support and validates your explanations in your assignments. You can twist your grades by touching the core requirement in emotional branding. If you are working with an already established brand then you need to focus on the concept of perception and intimacy as well. Take Nike’s example for instance. Their emotional branding strategy focussed on ‘Heroism’ was an effort to build customer loyalty. An emotional branding strategy for a new brand in the market, however, can be a hard nut to crack but can still work wonders if executed properly.

Remember to elaborate all the features and benefits of the brand that can emotionally connect with the customers. Today’s digital world has already created a vast platform for connecting to people anywhere in the globe for increasing business and social networks. You must ensure that your emotional branding strategy stands out amongst the clutter of similar strategies to win and engage people’s interests in the long-run.

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business report


What do you want to be in future? Market analyst? Financial analyst? Business Development manager? Well, whatever your wish is, you must have to know technical things otherwise, you cannot sustain in these positions. No no wait wait, please! Technical things do not mean about learning technology but metaphoric technical things that will help you to sustain your desired position. Yes, I am talking about business presentation, writing business report. Before going to the presentation, you have to learn about business report first otherwise, it cannot be explainable to your board members and obviously to your college members and this ‘business report‘ has too many metaphoric technicalities to solve business issue mathematically. So, here we are giving some useful points of writing a business report for both for your college semester and your official purpose.

Brief your business issue:

Identifies your business issue in the first paragraph of the report. Note that in the practical field, you have no other options to rectify yourself. So, in college semester, it is your only opportunity to learn everything about preparing a business report. So whenever, you assign yourself for writing this report, think practical. Your management board does not have so much time to listen to every word of your report. So, it must be short, specific, informative but practical in sense. So, identify your issue in the first paragraph.

Provide supporting evidence:

The evidence is must and must necessary whenever you are going to work in a practical field. So, apply this sense in the first step that is from your college semester. Though that evidence will be not so much needed to your professors if you worked in collecting evidence from the first step, and then it will be helpful for you to present your views in a business presentation. Think it just a research paper. Before stick on a specific issue, you have to prepare the literature review of your dissertation. Similarly, this business report also needs some specific and business related evidence that will support your presented issue.

Present market condition:

Yes, market analysis is more important to prove the importance of your business report. One question should be rising that what the basic difference between evidence and market analysis is. Well, market analysis is the second part of your evidence collection. Before identifying the issue, you first have to collect all evidence. In addition, after analysing the present market situation with that evidence only that identified issue is accepted in the market. It is similar to any case study assignment. You have to relate your case study with present market conditions and before that, you have to collect necessary information f your case. Simply, a business report is real case scenario of your present company that you have to present towards your board of directors with supporting evidence and market analysis.

Justify your findings:

Now, the time is come to present your intelligence towards board members. Yes, this is the section to show your critical views, analytical mind and understanding nature of the market. Give your own viewpoints to justify that business issue. Use financial tools, graphical presentations that will visually help your board members of an instructor to understand the entire scenario and raise their hands for you.

Suggest recommendations:

One recommending section you must have to require in this business report. Identifying the problem is not good enough rather than suggesting some way-out resolve that issue. Make sure your recommendation must be realistic and fruitful otherwise it will get down your company position along with your grades in examination.


Proofread your paper thoroughly. This is very much technical writing any single mistake can create the biggest hindrance to your growth. So be careful in this case and make sure, your paper is plagiarism free.

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business plan


It is sound too interesting. Yaa? Obviously, because it has a feel-good condition. We verbally became an entrepreneur in our own imagination. So, students appeared in MBA who are interested or aimed to be acting as an entrepreneur in near future, must be focused on this topic. It is because, through learning business plan, you can get the necessary essence of how to be a successful entrepreneur. But wait, please! Though it sounds good its implementation, in reality, is too hard. It is too technical to use in every step in contemporary market and get your desired result from it.

For suppose, you want to be a café owner. Then, your primary targeted customers must be between ages 15-45. Here I have used ‘primary’ word because these age groups are fond of coffee and more or less every day they visit their nearest and favourite, friendly café. Therefore, your café location must be in any posh area or in any college or university campus. Right? But, if your café will open in any slum area or local areas then? No, it doesn’t work good and not give you the desired result. So, before starting up your business, planning of its technicalities are too much important otherwise single mistake is enough to shift your dream into ash. So, please go through with our following tips before planning your start-up business.

Select startup business:

First look into your passion. What you want to open and why? Ask yourself first are you ok with your planned business. Have you all those support that you need for your future business. Select your business after getting answer these entire question otherwise, it will demolish in its first move. Try to get answers from your insight and plan your business accordingly.

Do market analysis:

Next thing is proper market research. You must have to know your planned business could get any appreciation in the contemporary market or not. If yes, then plan for next step but if not, then start from the beginning. You have to select other business options. Other than that, you can do a little survey that why your previous entrepreneurs are failed to start up your planned business. Is there any loopholes in their strategy or the market itself not needs that. Analyse your previous entrepreneur’s strategy first and try to find out their strategic issue. If there any issue, then try for a demo project. If not, then you have to plan for something else.

It is like your research paper. When you try to find out any issue, you first have to complete your literature review to know previous author’s viewpoint. Market analysis is similar to the literature review. After getting understand previous entrepreneur’s viewpoint, only after you can proceed to next step.

Select targeted customers:

Check once, are there any targeted customers for your start-up business or not. Please be specific to your targeted customers. Start it from their age groups. Try to fix your target in specific age group. It will helpful for you to continue your startup business. It is too similar to a pilot study in a dissertation. Through pilot study, you can get understand the possible outcomes of your entire research paper. Similarly, through targeting any specific age group, you also can be understood the possible success of your business plan.

Check financial support:

Now its time for checking your financial support. Survey a lot that how much you need to start up your business and then check your fund. If you have not sufficient, then you have to manage it before implementing your business plan.

Project financial condition:

Yes, here is the section to apply your all-academic knowledge that you have learned through finishing your finance assignment or report. Budget analysis, profit and loss statement, break-even point development all are needed to be projected in this area that will indicate whether your project will be successful in near future or not. Whatever you may do, just remind it must and must be realistic.

Build your management team:

It is time for building your management team for your start-up business. Please remind your MBA module guide and assignments. Who do you need? Yes, accountant, human resource, market analyst and one IT person. One or two of these members must be experienced otherwise it will be difficult for you to continue your business. Project your financial analysis to them. Take their views. If all, are they agreed then you may start your business. However, just remind, always don’t rely on other’s statement. Here is the phase to apply your own knowledge and academics in real implementation.

Develop company description:

Now, the time is come to develop your company description. Design your website and prepare your company description. It’s the tome for preparing newsletters and sending mail burst. Rest is ‘waiting for your best’.

Be ready. Time is come to fulfil your all desires and dreams. it’s the time to project your capability towards the world. Plan properly; be confident and implement your business plan. Hope you will do your best. Good Luck!!!

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