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Library??? Again study??? You may please but sorry, I will not…

 These kinds of expression you get from your friends? You did not have any friend circle for making fun or planning for any parties or trips. Your friends taunt you as ‘library’, ‘bookish’ and like this and that???

Don’t be depressed. Library work is not only the task for studious students or scholars but for all people who want to learn something new. So if you are a good learner, then don’t hesitate. Just take membership of any of your nearest library and study there. You may start it from your college library because there you can get numerous databases to prepare your assignments, literature reviews, and reports. You may also be able to take membership for other libraries but it should be depended on your time management. But don’t take library as for hardcore study ‘concept’. It is not for that reason. It is made for learners who want to study their subject or need some concentration or maybe want to be alone for some time. It is one of the finest places to develop your maturity, learning capacity and emotions. So, apart from using the library for the purpose of a hardcore study, we do develop some points that prepare us a person so that’s why students should choose a library for their study.

Need Concentration:

Ohh! no free space for study? Are your surroundings sounds too loud? Then why are you wasting your time? A study in your college library with full of concentration and focus. Yes, only in your college library, you can focus on your study to think deeper and make your analysis bit critical. Don’t be shy! The library is not a place for only serious students but for those, who are very much focused towards their orientation. So, if you are oriented towards your career, then don’t waste your time. Go for a free study about 1-2 hours; collect all data and takes sort note for your detail study.

Collection of Online resources:

You may think why to go library for online study should while it can be possible from your home. Yes, you are also right, but in some college libraries, you may get access to some official and international journal resources. If you want access to those resources from your home internet, it may cost huge or sometimes need permission for authentication. However, from your college library, it will be too easy for you to collect relevant study materials for your research paper or assignment making.

Meet with study group:

Do you like group study? Why? Is it because to solve various questions with which you have faced difficulties? Hmm, you are right! Group study is best for all students to solve their various queries and academic issues. But if you don’t get familiar groups for study then don’t worry. Go to your college library. You will definitely find some groups and you will be much familiar with them also. No need to know how old or new they are, which stream they belong, how they performed in class but just meet them and discuss with them your difficulties and issue. You will definitely get some help and able to solve your issues.

Preparation referencing:

Library study can help you in collecting more authentic referencing for your dissertation. Not only that, but you may get access to an online survey through your library online resource. This kind of survey seems more genuine to both samples and readers as you have the tag mark of your college. Not only can you, your future researchers also take help from your survey result to prepare their research paper. Similarly, you also can take help of your previous scholars or researcher’s survey result to complete your own paper or to show comparative analysis.

Plenty of books:

Oh no! This book’s price is huge. Same expression, the same feeling you have whenever you want to buy your necessary study book from online stores or any bookstores. Don’t worry. Your library is there. Just get in and find out your necessary study book from registration files. You just need to pay a little i.e. your membership fees; nothing much.

So what next? You have your comfortable friends group now. Be with them. Now your so-called ‘smart’ friends can seek your help to prepare their assignments. Don’t be a rebel. Help them and make them understand your value and decision.

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