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Ohh no!!! Laww…

Exactly this feeling or kind of sigh we always have whenever we heard about the quoted word ‘LAW’. Why? Yes, because we are all peaceful people. We don’t ever want to visit courtroom or any kind of judicial proceedings as these all are hectic procedures. But, we love to see court cases in our favourite TV shows, films and other media options.  Especially we love to see the controversy between two opponent lawyers in courtroom. Right??? We not even slept a night if the victim does not get proper judgement. If we love controversies, judgement, then why we have nightmare regarding doing a law project. Two different opinions will be raised-

First, it is very hectic and analytical project to do

Second, lots of studies needed to do a law job

According to my view point, both opinions are valid. Law project is neither writing a management assignment but also nor doing a research paper.  For our normal assignments or reports, we usually relate our questions with given case study and suitable theories and modules. On the other side, research paper or dissertation requires in-depth investigation to find out the actual truth. Assignment requires more information about mentioned case study but for dissertation, personal opinion and critical analysis is more important. Law project is the mixed version of these both services. You need to do lot of research along with your analysis and arguments to reach the conclusion.

Yes, it is the vital part of doing a law project i.e. drawing its conclusion. You can’t able to do it swiftly because wrong conclusion can spoil life of your client or the victim. So, you always needed to be cautious about all clause and remedies of your national law. After you understand the main clause and remedies of your selected law, it is too easy to write down your paper.  For example, if you are dealing with Contract and Negligence Act of UK law, then certain remedies and clauses of this act you must have to know. Otherwise, you can’t able to give any advice or solution to your client. Some basic instruction therefore, we are providing here to work on your law project. Don’t worry; these instructions will help you to make your project more easily without having any a headache.

Find out the issue: This is the first step to proceed in your law project. Finding the issue is bit tough because your given case scenario includes lots of ambiguities. So, first understand the main motive of your case study. It will help you to find out your law issue to deal with it.

Set your legal rule: Your legal rules must be relevant according to your selected issue. Keep in mind, many remedies and clauses you can find in your legal rules but you need to select the appropriate one to justify your issue.

Express your analysis with critical arguments: Your analysis will support your chosen legal rule. Not only that but your analytical expression also be formulated to close all related controversies of your chosen issue.

Draw suitable conclusion: This section will contain your advice or solution for your client. Make sure, your concluding statement carries all responses and valid answers for your opponent’s questions.

Last, make you’re writing a bit professional. Referenced it properly and check your formatting and structure before submitting your final project. Be careful about plagiarism and proof read your paper properly.

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