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Most of you people will think that why am I writing on this topic again because already I have given guidelines about how to write assignments. Then why will I guide you again about writing finance assignment? Is there any difference or certain rules for writing finance assignments? So, let me tell you its answer is both yes and no. Confused???

Obviously, because my answer is confusing. So, let me clear your all confusions. Finance assignment has no such difference than other assignment writings but it follows some certain rules. Look, the term ‘finance’ itself follows some principles. We can judge or analyse quality of finance assignments by its statistical data, relevant calculations, presentation, excel sheets and other statistical methods. It proves, without having those principles i.e. calculations, excel sheet, statistical data, finance assignment cannot be accepted as complete. Now you can understand my ‘confused answer’ that why I am telling it both yes and no. It is no because, structure of finance and other assignments will remain same meanwhile it is yes because finance assignment requires some mathematical rules and principles. Analysis here is not important but students must and must need to correct financial calculations otherwise entire analysis will be in vain.

Here, we are providing you some basic guidelines for writing finance assignments. Students, who are going to write their paper for the first time, must follow this to present your all answer as ‘complete’. Not only for assignments, students can also use these guidelines for preparing their research paper and financial reports.

  1. Use basic calculations of finance like ratio analysis, budgeting, NPV calculation, preparing of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow declaration. These are the primary step of finance papers that you have to include for completing your paper. So you must have to know all calculations in Excel sheet with formulas. Without presenting these calculations, your paper will be found as incomplete and artificial.
  2. Use statistical presentation in your paper. Finance assignments or research papers need lots of statistical data and graphical presentations. So use those all nicely and neatly in your assignment. Always keep in mind, your assignment does not look like a literature or theoretical paper. Avoid using too many financial theories. It is not required while graphical presentation with full of statistical data is must and must need for finishing your finance assignment. If you are not aware of all those calculations and excel sheet formulas, then take help from your friends or seniors to prepare your assignment. Otherwise, using lots of theories in finance assignment will less your marks in semester.
  3. Well, you are submitting your excel sheet with your assignment copy. You didn’t show all calculations and formulas in your soft copy!!! Don’t do this mistake. Write down all your formulas along with explanations in your word file also. It will make your assignment looking authentic and useful. Another reason is that few readers can understand excel formulas while word file looks more attractive, easy to understand and presentable to them.
  4. Your analysis will be based on calculations and given statistical data. You can use financial theory there to support your analysis but the ratio will be 65:35 where maximum section requires for data presentation and rest is for analysis. Also, analyse your paper with examples to make it live in presentation.
  5. Proofread your paper well before its final submission. Especially cross check calculations properly because a small mistake can change your entire analysis process. So be careful about this and cross check properly of every calculation before its analysis and obviously submission.
  6. Paraphrase well all financial terms otherwise you will be punished for doing plagiarism in your paper. It is happened in most of the cases that students are penalised for plagiarism percentage while they are not at all accountable for that. It is because for financial terms that not never be changed. So, I will advice you paraphrase well all financial terms to avoid plagiarism.

Before submission, make sure, you have used all these above mentioned points in your finance assignment or research papers. These are the basic steps. Advance guideline you can get it after.

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Say ‘NO’ to Plagiarism

Writing a paper is not all about project our academic knowledge but it is an art that reflects your analytical capability, rational outlook, critical notions. So whenever you will go for preparing your semester assignment, first understand your topic and its key aims. Secondly, avoid plagiarism as it can affect your academic career. Our academic world is bound up with some rules and regulations and plagiarism is one of such regulation on which our academic career is depended. We often confused plagiarism with copy-paste while in reality, its concept is vast. Therefore, we need to first understand what plagiarism is rather than how to avoid it.

In simple word, plagiarism can be avoided by free writing and you must have your analytical capability to project your ideas through your writing. One famous linguistic Jacques Derrida often said our speech and thought subordinates our writing. From cultural aspect may be this statement is true but it is also a truth that our ideas only can project through writing. Written materials are the evidence of our ideas and it is only legitimised our own authority on our ideas and thoughts. So whenever you go to know about plagiarism, the definition will be like use of someone else’s own ideas as your own without having consent.

One question should remain that in our early academic life; we often copied and pasted information from books to prepare our class notes. So is that also plagiarism? Yes, this is the confusion that we all have and therefore, I have suggested you to understand the plagiarism first before knowing its removing process.

First of all, I would say that plagiarism is not all about copy and pasted materials from scholarly books or articles. I will define it as a ‘game between word and writing’ that contains all relevant information but different writing pattern. For example, we cannot change universal terms like some financial key words, medical terms, IT key words, but whenever we will use these all in our writing, it would be plagiarised. Students have faced this kind of issue in preparing finance assignment or medical assignment. So is it a crime? Obviously not and you will not get punished for this because your writing style is solely representing your idea and knowledge. You cannot change universal terms but through your critical notions and writing pattern, your ideas get detach from scholarly articles.

This word gaming you can also use in paraphrasing an article or content. Plagiarism has its high chance while you are paraphrasing your academic assignment from other articles or books. We often think that paraphrasing is too easy because we only need to write down the gist of the content but in reality, it is not like so. You can found your paper plagiarised after paraphrasing content properly. It is because of your content looks like similar to the paraphrased content. So keep in mind, whenever you are going to paraphrase content, write down the summary by your own style to avoid plagiarism.

In the end, I would only say you good luck and keep in mind all these requirements to make your paper plagiarism free. Good Luck…!!

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