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Is it seriously needed? Guidelines for topic selection? It’s quite funny yeah. So let me say how do you select your research topic? Oops! I forgot. Your professor has selected topic for you in your Graduation. Right? Ok, no issue, then just tell me how do you select your topic for assignments? What are the basic criteria?

Simple, find an issue with our related field, gathering information about that issue and framing topic. Only three steps are enough. It would be better if we analyse that issue based on some case studies. Well said but for a dissertation, only these three steps are not alright. Don’t forget you are appointed as a role of researcher and your duty is to point out the actual situation with proper justification in front of your readers. Your approach will be realistic and all data must be dynamic. So, you have to work too hard in case of choosing your dissertation topic.

Look, ‘dissertation– the term itself is very serious that we cannot take it as in casual tone. So, selecting a dissertation topic is not an easy task for students especially those who are possessed their Master Degree. It is difficult because here your professor is not supposed to frame your thesis topic on behalf of you. That part was done in your graduation year but in advance studies like Master’s level or PhD level, you have to frame your topic by own. Another thing is, based on that research topic; your entire academic evaluation will be rated. So, choosing any simple and easy topic will not help you in getting good grades in final examination. So, you have to be very careful and realistic at the same time while going to select your dissertation topic. Below some points are given to help you in selecting your research topic.

Choose favourable field:

Always select your favourable field to select your research topic. Look, a research paper requires your own point of view, analysis, justification. So, if your topic will be out of your knowledge, then it will be difficult for you to draw a proper conclusion. So, your topic must be from your favourable field.

Select your interesting genre:

Your interested genre must be reflected in your research topic otherwise, you can’t be able to analyse your research paper and its appearance will be very fishy to your readers. Suppose marketing from MBA is your favourable field. From this, you are interested in branding genre. Then your selected research topic must be of this genre

Do market research:

Do a detail market research about your favourite genre. It requires otherwise you cannot find out the issue faced by market or companies. Suppose, you have found an issue in branding genre in the demographic segment while it was working well in other market segments. So, you can select your issue from demographic segment only based on which your research topic will be framed.

Find out the issue:

Now the time is for selecting your research issue to frame out your research aim, objectives, questions. Your issue must be realistic and informative. Any kind of vague information will be losing the authenticity of your dissertation.

Select your variables:

One independent and one dependent variable must be there on your research topic otherwise, you cannot able to draw a valid conclusion for your dissertation. Based on these two variables, your statistical analysis and regression will be calculated.

Frame your dissertation title:

Now, you can frame your dissertation title. Make sure, your title must include all above-mentioned points like variables, issue, interest. The title must be short but catchy. Don’t frame your title in 20 or 50 words. It will be maximum 8-10 words.

So, now you can understand the basic criteria for choosing a dissertation topic. Now you can present your research draft to your professor for approval. Hope you will do your best.

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We are very much aware of the term proof reading in our academic career. Yes, it is an essential service for students as it will provide clarity to our assignments. We often think proof reading is only about checking grammatical errors, spelling mistakes while this service does not have such limited version. It basically help us in re-thinking about the topic to get understands its in-depth knowledge. That’s why, our scholars, professors, students rely on this service.

Sometime, you would get confused between the terms proof reading and editing. These two terms are interchangeable in academic writing. So let us guide you to understand the difference between assignment editing and proof reading. In simple words, both differences are related to its using techniques. Simply, proof reading is the initial stage to understand your mistakes in assignment and editing is the final stage to rectify those phrases. Basically proof reading and editing is the final stage to decorate your assignment before its submission.

I think one question will alarm on your mind that are the techniques of proof reading remain same in different academic categories?? Absolutely not because of its vary according to different writing style, an analytical pattern of your chosen topic. If you are working on your dissertation paper, then proof reading will be too much important tool to make your thesis paper authentic. As you know making a dissertation is not a joke and obviously not so easy like an assignment or report. You must have to do vast research on your selective subject and you must have your analytical skill to research in-depth. As through proof reading service, you will re-think on your research materials, re-justify your analysis; therefore, it will make your dissertation more explorative. It will make your idea and thoughts easily acceptable to the readers.

Similarly, in case of case study assignment, your analysis will always denote the case study first. Your main focus will always to recheck whether you have analysed case study in your assignment or not. Now I think the difference between proof reading in dissertation and case study assignment is bit clear to you.

Always remind, the basic rule of proof reading is to justify the word ‘WHY’. So whenever you are going to edit or proof read your assignment make sure, all answer of your ‘why’ is fulfilled. The end result will always give you a good grade and opportunity to get relish of your academic life.


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