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Are you finished with your final year of MBA? Well!!! So what next? Is it the time for settling down your career or you wish for higher study? Whatever the option you select, just remind you are too close towards your desire. Yes, it is the time for fulfilling all your wishes, hopes; getting opportunities to get forward. It is the time to tell your parents that ‘we are independent’ in a true sense.

How will you do this? No, I am not going to give you any magic box or neither any Angel will come to fulfil your desire using magic sticks. It is time for preparing yourself for your College Campusing. Yes, that works wonders in your dream; that phase to take you into corporate world; that place to show your ability to the world and also to those who believe you as incapable one or jealous yourself. So, why late? Walk ahead to raise that jealousness and establish your ‘self’ for doing better. Before going deeper in your career fantasy world, just look at the following points that you just need to keep in mind during college campusing. Remember, any silly mistakes during campusing will break your fantasy forever. So, go through with the following points once.

Make primary research:

Getting pass in college campusing is not an easy task. Earlier preparation is most important for passing your college campusing. It is like completing your dissertation paper. After you findings, its issue and collecting all data, finishing the research paper is too easy but without these earlier process, it is tough to complete. Am I right? College campusing is like a complete research paper. You need to research thoroughly before sitting for an interview. Then do not waste your time. Be ready for your primary research. Collect data like which companies or MNC’s will come for campusing; what will be their recruitment criteria, for which post they are requiring vacancies; total number of students that your college is going to intake for interview process etc…

If you are successful in collecting all these information, then your next steps will be easier. You will be able to plan yourself or for preparing yourself for interview according to your preferred MNC’s and its recruitment criteria.

Build your Resume:

Now you develop a suitable and strong resume to present yourself towards interviewers. Don’t make your resume too long that carry more than 2 pages. Remember, your recruiters are not having soo much time to read thoroughly your resume and all your projects that you have mentioned in details in your resume. Recruiters are interested in knowing your special skill, your short bio-data, academic qualification and something about your extra curriculum activities. So keep these all shortly but in details in your resume that your recruiters have a brief idea about you after giving their first glance at your resume.

Revise your knowledge:

Some of us have an idea that recruiters cannot ask any theoretical questions. Some personal data and technical skills are enough to pass an interview. According to me- it is totally wrong. Yes, recruiters don’t ask you any theoretical questions but they must want to know your basic knowledge in which most of the interviewees get rejected. So, it is time for mugging up your knowledge that you have learned in your entire academic year. Don’t get a thorough reading but just keep the basic knowledge of useful marketing theories and its applications, basic financial calculations, how to do market surveys and like this.

Be confident and smart:

Though I agree that it is difficult for students to be confident in interview table if you show your nervousness towards interviewers, then your game ends. Interviewers also know that you will be little bit tensed but they want to show your recovery capability to secure their future business project. Your smartness and confidence will let them feel about your positive attitude and also increase your possibility to pass the interview. But don’t be over smart. Be calm and professional.

Understand your strength:

Always remember your recruiters are seeking to know your strength that they can use your capabilities for their business growth. So be honest and tell them truly about your strong points that your future company can use your production capability in right way.

Update your general knowledge:

Update your general knowledge and aptitude. Your updated knowledge will let your recruiters know about your dynamic activities. Moreover, it may be a useful trick to impress your recruiters also.

So, be ready and start collecting your research data. You can ask for your friend’s help. It will never let you go back step but will show your professional attitude. Be confident and believe in yourself.

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Are your written exam done? Mission accomplished! Great!!!

Noooo??? Oh yes, it is time for your viva test. So what? You have done with your written exam nicely. Then why are you getting nervous for viva?

Ummm, let me guess. Is the reason is related to your face-to-face interaction process in examination? Then how will you pass your interview in college campusing? It will be hard time for you in near future. Be preparing yourself and start it with your viva test.

Ya, it happens some time that we feel afraid and nervous in exam center towards our known person specially when they appear to us as our destiny maker. So, it is natural, when we see our instructors or guide in front of us in Viva room, our limbs became benumbed; sweats show in our forehead; our all lessons, preparation are going far from us…

These all symptoms are much known to us. We also feel like that in the time of our viva test. But always remember, getting good marks in written exam cannot prove your capability towards interviewers who are supposed to be made your future career. Your personality, attitude, interaction all are judged first by interviewers. So, if you plan it to develop yourself in future then why not start from now. Start it from your viva test. Imagine it as your interview session through which, your personality, merit, skill, educational capability will be judged by interviewers. Then let’s start for your viva preparation with following tips:

Calm down and relax: Before your viva test, always be in relax mood otherwise, your anxiety will never let you show your potentiality towards judges. So calm down, reduce all your tensions and be cool and in relax mood. Do whatever you want to like reading books, listening music or party with friends. Try to give rest your brain. This relaxation will help you to show your capability in your viva test.

Remember your lessons: Try to remember your lessons or class notes that your instructor has dictated. Remember your guide is well known about your nature and characteristics because he/she has notice you carefully in classroom. They are much known about your weak points and in viva, this is the golden moment for them to hit at your weak point. Don’t think it negatively. Your instructor will not at all happy in giving you less mark but they aimed to take you out from your weak natures to show your capabilities in commercial market. So, find out your weak points and try to cover it to beat in your viva test.

Go through with your research paper: Just goes once your research paper again. Though you have done the project but sometime any kind of silly mistakes will bring you fewer marks. So be careful about every important point in your research paper and answer confidently to your instructor.

Be presentable: Your anxieties must not be revealed towards your instructor. If it happens, then your game ends. Present yourself professionally. Your smartness, attitude must be reflected through your dressings and behavior. But Don’t be over smart or extra confident. This will not impress your instructor but your unprofessional behavior disappoints them. They will think you as attention seeker rather than professional. Always be confident and show your professional attitude to impress judges.

Try a demo with yourself: If you are soo nervous, then try a demo viva test with yourself. You must have seen your friends in demo proposal practice for their upcoming girlfriends/boyfriends in front of their mirror. Then why not you use it for examination purpose. Try yourself a demo viva practice. It will let you know about your all weakness and knowledge gaps. Finally, you will get some time to solve your personal issues to be presentable in your viva test.

So, what next? Hurry up and be ready for your viva preparation. It’s time to progress another step towards archiving your desire.

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