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dissertation topic


Is it seriously needed? Guidelines for topic selection? It’s quite funny yeah. So let me say how do you select your research topic? Oops! I forgot. Your professor has selected topic for you in your Graduation. Right? Ok, no issue, then just tell me how do you select your topic for assignments? What are the basic criteria?

Simple, find an issue with our related field, gathering information about that issue and framing topic. Only three steps are enough. It would be better if we analyse that issue based on some case studies. Well said but for a dissertation, only these three steps are not alright. Don’t forget you are appointed as a role of researcher and your duty is to point out the actual situation with proper justification in front of your readers. Your approach will be realistic and all data must be dynamic. So, you have to work too hard in case of choosing your dissertation topic.

Look, ‘dissertation– the term itself is very serious that we cannot take it as in casual tone. So, selecting a dissertation topic is not an easy task for students especially those who are possessed their Master Degree. It is difficult because here your professor is not supposed to frame your thesis topic on behalf of you. That part was done in your graduation year but in advance studies like Master’s level or PhD level, you have to frame your topic by own. Another thing is, based on that research topic; your entire academic evaluation will be rated. So, choosing any simple and easy topic will not help you in getting good grades in final examination. So, you have to be very careful and realistic at the same time while going to select your dissertation topic. Below some points are given to help you in selecting your research topic.

Choose favourable field:

Always select your favourable field to select your research topic. Look, a research paper requires your own point of view, analysis, justification. So, if your topic will be out of your knowledge, then it will be difficult for you to draw a proper conclusion. So, your topic must be from your favourable field.

Select your interesting genre:

Your interested genre must be reflected in your research topic otherwise, you can’t be able to analyse your research paper and its appearance will be very fishy to your readers. Suppose marketing from MBA is your favourable field. From this, you are interested in branding genre. Then your selected research topic must be of this genre

Do market research:

Do a detail market research about your favourite genre. It requires otherwise you cannot find out the issue faced by market or companies. Suppose, you have found an issue in branding genre in the demographic segment while it was working well in other market segments. So, you can select your issue from demographic segment only based on which your research topic will be framed.

Find out the issue:

Now the time is for selecting your research issue to frame out your research aim, objectives, questions. Your issue must be realistic and informative. Any kind of vague information will be losing the authenticity of your dissertation.

Select your variables:

One independent and one dependent variable must be there on your research topic otherwise, you cannot able to draw a valid conclusion for your dissertation. Based on these two variables, your statistical analysis and regression will be calculated.

Frame your dissertation title:

Now, you can frame your dissertation title. Make sure, your title must include all above-mentioned points like variables, issue, interest. The title must be short but catchy. Don’t frame your title in 20 or 50 words. It will be maximum 8-10 words.

So, now you can understand the basic criteria for choosing a dissertation topic. Now you can present your research draft to your professor for approval. Hope you will do your best.

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business report


What do you want to be in future? Market analyst? Financial analyst? Business Development manager? Well, whatever your wish is, you must have to know technical things otherwise, you cannot sustain in these positions. No no wait wait, please! Technical things do not mean about learning technology but metaphoric technical things that will help you to sustain your desired position. Yes, I am talking about business presentation, writing business report. Before going to the presentation, you have to learn about business report first otherwise, it cannot be explainable to your board members and obviously to your college members and this ‘business report‘ has too many metaphoric technicalities to solve business issue mathematically. So, here we are giving some useful points of writing a business report for both for your college semester and your official purpose.

Brief your business issue:

Identifies your business issue in the first paragraph of the report. Note that in the practical field, you have no other options to rectify yourself. So, in college semester, it is your only opportunity to learn everything about preparing a business report. So whenever, you assign yourself for writing this report, think practical. Your management board does not have so much time to listen to every word of your report. So, it must be short, specific, informative but practical in sense. So, identify your issue in the first paragraph.

Provide supporting evidence:

The evidence is must and must necessary whenever you are going to work in a practical field. So, apply this sense in the first step that is from your college semester. Though that evidence will be not so much needed to your professors if you worked in collecting evidence from the first step, and then it will be helpful for you to present your views in a business presentation. Think it just a research paper. Before stick on a specific issue, you have to prepare the literature review of your dissertation. Similarly, this business report also needs some specific and business related evidence that will support your presented issue.

Present market condition:

Yes, market analysis is more important to prove the importance of your business report. One question should be rising that what the basic difference between evidence and market analysis is. Well, market analysis is the second part of your evidence collection. Before identifying the issue, you first have to collect all evidence. In addition, after analysing the present market situation with that evidence only that identified issue is accepted in the market. It is similar to any case study assignment. You have to relate your case study with present market conditions and before that, you have to collect necessary information f your case. Simply, a business report is real case scenario of your present company that you have to present towards your board of directors with supporting evidence and market analysis.

Justify your findings:

Now, the time is come to present your intelligence towards board members. Yes, this is the section to show your critical views, analytical mind and understanding nature of the market. Give your own viewpoints to justify that business issue. Use financial tools, graphical presentations that will visually help your board members of an instructor to understand the entire scenario and raise their hands for you.

Suggest recommendations:

One recommending section you must have to require in this business report. Identifying the problem is not good enough rather than suggesting some way-out resolve that issue. Make sure your recommendation must be realistic and fruitful otherwise it will get down your company position along with your grades in examination.


Proofread your paper thoroughly. This is very much technical writing any single mistake can create the biggest hindrance to your growth. So be careful in this case and make sure, your paper is plagiarism free.

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business plan


It is sound too interesting. Yaa? Obviously, because it has a feel-good condition. We verbally became an entrepreneur in our own imagination. So, students appeared in MBA who are interested or aimed to be acting as an entrepreneur in near future, must be focused on this topic. It is because, through learning business plan, you can get the necessary essence of how to be a successful entrepreneur. But wait, please! Though it sounds good its implementation, in reality, is too hard. It is too technical to use in every step in contemporary market and get your desired result from it.

For suppose, you want to be a café owner. Then, your primary targeted customers must be between ages 15-45. Here I have used ‘primary’ word because these age groups are fond of coffee and more or less every day they visit their nearest and favourite, friendly café. Therefore, your café location must be in any posh area or in any college or university campus. Right? But, if your café will open in any slum area or local areas then? No, it doesn’t work good and not give you the desired result. So, before starting up your business, planning of its technicalities are too much important otherwise single mistake is enough to shift your dream into ash. So, please go through with our following tips before planning your start-up business.

Select startup business:

First look into your passion. What you want to open and why? Ask yourself first are you ok with your planned business. Have you all those support that you need for your future business. Select your business after getting answer these entire question otherwise, it will demolish in its first move. Try to get answers from your insight and plan your business accordingly.

Do market analysis:

Next thing is proper market research. You must have to know your planned business could get any appreciation in the contemporary market or not. If yes, then plan for next step but if not, then start from the beginning. You have to select other business options. Other than that, you can do a little survey that why your previous entrepreneurs are failed to start up your planned business. Is there any loopholes in their strategy or the market itself not needs that. Analyse your previous entrepreneur’s strategy first and try to find out their strategic issue. If there any issue, then try for a demo project. If not, then you have to plan for something else.

It is like your research paper. When you try to find out any issue, you first have to complete your literature review to know previous author’s viewpoint. Market analysis is similar to the literature review. After getting understand previous entrepreneur’s viewpoint, only after you can proceed to next step.

Select targeted customers:

Check once, are there any targeted customers for your start-up business or not. Please be specific to your targeted customers. Start it from their age groups. Try to fix your target in specific age group. It will helpful for you to continue your startup business. It is too similar to a pilot study in a dissertation. Through pilot study, you can get understand the possible outcomes of your entire research paper. Similarly, through targeting any specific age group, you also can be understood the possible success of your business plan.

Check financial support:

Now its time for checking your financial support. Survey a lot that how much you need to start up your business and then check your fund. If you have not sufficient, then you have to manage it before implementing your business plan.

Project financial condition:

Yes, here is the section to apply your all-academic knowledge that you have learned through finishing your finance assignment or report. Budget analysis, profit and loss statement, break-even point development all are needed to be projected in this area that will indicate whether your project will be successful in near future or not. Whatever you may do, just remind it must and must be realistic.

Build your management team:

It is time for building your management team for your start-up business. Please remind your MBA module guide and assignments. Who do you need? Yes, accountant, human resource, market analyst and one IT person. One or two of these members must be experienced otherwise it will be difficult for you to continue your business. Project your financial analysis to them. Take their views. If all, are they agreed then you may start your business. However, just remind, always don’t rely on other’s statement. Here is the phase to apply your own knowledge and academics in real implementation.

Develop company description:

Now, the time is come to develop your company description. Design your website and prepare your company description. It’s the tome for preparing newsletters and sending mail burst. Rest is ‘waiting for your best’.

Be ready. Time is come to fulfil your all desires and dreams. it’s the time to project your capability towards the world. Plan properly; be confident and implement your business plan. Hope you will do your best. Good Luck!!!

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Most of you people will think that why am I writing on this topic again because already I have given guidelines about how to write assignments. Then why will I guide you again about writing finance assignment? Is there any difference or certain rules for writing finance assignments? So, let me tell you its answer is both yes and no. Confused???

Obviously, because my answer is confusing. So, let me clear your all confusions. Finance assignment has no such difference than other assignment writings but it follows some certain rules. Look, the term ‘finance’ itself follows some principles. We can judge or analyse quality of finance assignments by its statistical data, relevant calculations, presentation, excel sheets and other statistical methods. It proves, without having those principles i.e. calculations, excel sheet, statistical data, finance assignment cannot be accepted as complete. Now you can understand my ‘confused answer’ that why I am telling it both yes and no. It is no because, structure of finance and other assignments will remain same meanwhile it is yes because finance assignment requires some mathematical rules and principles. Analysis here is not important but students must and must need to correct financial calculations otherwise entire analysis will be in vain.

Here, we are providing you some basic guidelines for writing finance assignments. Students, who are going to write their paper for the first time, must follow this to present your all answer as ‘complete’. Not only for assignments, students can also use these guidelines for preparing their research paper and financial reports.

  1. Use basic calculations of finance like ratio analysis, budgeting, NPV calculation, preparing of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow declaration. These are the primary step of finance papers that you have to include for completing your paper. So you must have to know all calculations in Excel sheet with formulas. Without presenting these calculations, your paper will be found as incomplete and artificial.
  2. Use statistical presentation in your paper. Finance assignments or research papers need lots of statistical data and graphical presentations. So use those all nicely and neatly in your assignment. Always keep in mind, your assignment does not look like a literature or theoretical paper. Avoid using too many financial theories. It is not required while graphical presentation with full of statistical data is must and must need for finishing your finance assignment. If you are not aware of all those calculations and excel sheet formulas, then take help from your friends or seniors to prepare your assignment. Otherwise, using lots of theories in finance assignment will less your marks in semester.
  3. Well, you are submitting your excel sheet with your assignment copy. You didn’t show all calculations and formulas in your soft copy!!! Don’t do this mistake. Write down all your formulas along with explanations in your word file also. It will make your assignment looking authentic and useful. Another reason is that few readers can understand excel formulas while word file looks more attractive, easy to understand and presentable to them.
  4. Your analysis will be based on calculations and given statistical data. You can use financial theory there to support your analysis but the ratio will be 65:35 where maximum section requires for data presentation and rest is for analysis. Also, analyse your paper with examples to make it live in presentation.
  5. Proofread your paper well before its final submission. Especially cross check calculations properly because a small mistake can change your entire analysis process. So be careful about this and cross check properly of every calculation before its analysis and obviously submission.
  6. Paraphrase well all financial terms otherwise you will be punished for doing plagiarism in your paper. It is happened in most of the cases that students are penalised for plagiarism percentage while they are not at all accountable for that. It is because for financial terms that not never be changed. So, I will advice you paraphrase well all financial terms to avoid plagiarism.

Before submission, make sure, you have used all these above mentioned points in your finance assignment or research papers. These are the basic steps. Advance guideline you can get it after.

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    • Hey, Guys! You all are here…
    • Ya, want to relax for some time. Today’s marketing class is too much boring. I don’t like too many data and statistical presentation at all. Pheewww…
    • Hmm, but we need to complete our marketing assignment right? So if we don’t attend the class how would we proceed?
    • Don’t worry guys! Internet is there. Dude, don’t look at all those statistical data… Just concentrate on analysis. It is important.
    • Yes, I am totally agreed with this. Our analysis is important more than graphical presentation…!!!

    (Back to present context)

    Are you people familiar with such conversations? Yes, it is like plain discussion that you have in your canteens or libraries or college premises. Why do you this? Ya, I agreed this is too much silly question but is not you observe it as group discussion. You people mostly have these kinds of discussion after watching any movies or plays. Why you discussed those all? May be to develop your knowledge or may be to find out the insight of the play or the movie or something else. Right? Have you done such discussion for your semester preparation? Consciously or unconsciously you have. Don’t be worried. It is a very good effort for you. Through group discussion, you only can able to develop yourself, critical analytical mind. So don’t be shy. If you are still out of any group, please join your friend circle and take part in their discussion. If you have no opinion, then just listen for first few days. You will definitely develop your personality and self. Below are some points are given to project need for group discussion. Just go through it.

    Interaction skill: Well, the first advantage that you get through group discussion is developing your interaction skill. Students who are not too much friendly in speaking with others can join group discussion. Make sure, you have your familiar groups. If it is not in your friend circle then discuss with your family members. It will also give you same improvement in developing your interaction skill. Further, it will help in getting success in your interview table because, if you are found too much shy, then it is not so impressionistic for your interviewers. Your attitude must be professional and confident. So if you are still feeling shy, then don’t hesitate, join your familiar group and take part in group discussion.

    Self-confidence: Obviously, your self-confidence will be developed as you will be involved more and more discussion part in your groups. Why? Too simple, group discussion is not one-sided communication You are allowed to present your views to your members. In beginning, you may fail to go with your members because of your lack of knowledge or not having sufficient information, but I will advise you not to hesitate. Take part in discussion. Listen few days first. Automatically, your learning eagerness will be developed. However, it is depended on you that whether you are eager to take out yourself from your inner shell or like to be inside. If you choose the first option, then it is very good and proficient decision for you.

    Plurality development: Group discussion will develop your plural mind. As you are listening all voices, therefore, your one way of thinking will be decreased and accept plural views will be developed. You can use these viewpoints further in preparing your assignments or papers. Students those who studied in abroad, specially need to develop this otherwise, you cannot take out yourself from your native shell.

    Logical understanding: Through group discussion, plurality among students will be developed. One way thinking will be lost and members will accept plural viewpoints. So, if you are participating in group discussion then, you also be able to think logically about your every query. I will advise you to create your group discussion whenever you have assigned one research project. It is because it requires lots of logical thinking and your critical view points. So, if you need to develop your theoretical arguments, then group discussion is the best method to develop yourself.

    Easy to understand: Sometime you will find any difficult point easily understandable in group discussion because of having pluralistic viewpoints and friendly atmosphere. Basic psychology says that the code ‘classroom’ creates a heavy and serious image in our mind and therefore, we cannot concentrate freely while taking notes in classrooms. But in friendly atmosphere or in our college canteen??? Whenever we will start discussing that note or that lecture, it is easily understandable to us. This is the basic advantage of group discussions that reduce complexity from any serious situation and makes it easy to accept.

    Developed analytical mind: As stated before, through group discussion, students will able to develop their analytical mind because they are able to accept plural viewpoints. Make sure, you applied your analytical viewpoints in your research papers or assignments. Specially, while your assigned project is related with any case study, analytical thinking requires more there to analyse and justify it more specifically. Take help of your friends to sort out your selected issues to proceed in your assignments or reports.

    Raising queries: Well, you often have raised queries in your class room’s right??? Why? Is it because you have difficulties in understanding? Then why it is needed in group discussion??? Yes, it is required. It is not about because of having its familiar atmosphere but because of developing your own self. You can find an urge of requirement of some unconscious facts through group discussion. It is because, this familiar atmosphere has developed your own self and analytical mind and for this, some natural queries will rise in your conscious mind that cultivates your knowledge.

    Relaxation: It is ultimate and final. Relaxation in gaining knowledge and doing study is only possible in group discussion. Friendly atmosphere reduces your shy attitude while enriching your knowledge with proper information and plural viewpoints.

    So, don’t waste your time. Pile up sufficient information through your group discussion. Don’t think that you need to concentrate in your study 24*7 hours or need to discuss serious issues always with your friends or in groups. But whenever you are discussing your study, make it academic and professional to develop your personal knowledge. Hope, our advice will work better for you. Good Luck…!!!

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If I am not so wrong, all of you have heard this word in your classes specially those who have recently finished their dissertation or case study assignments. All of you have written reflective report to show the efficacy of your selected theories and its applications. So, my question is here for those who have used reflective report in their paper. Can anyone answer me that why you have used reflective report or what was its importance in your research paper or assignments? The answer may be for personal development or showing own efficiency in your research paper. Well, all are right but these answers are one sided. Answers are given from student point of view but if I asked you to describe this answer to those who have recently assigned their research project then? This one sided view will give them a blurred  opinion about reflective report and this is one of the reasons that most of the students cannot write their reflective report properly in their research papers or assignments.

So giving all answers of these confusions, I would like to say that reflective report is nothing but personal reflection upon your subject. I know that this definition is looking funny and too much simple but it is hard to apply in student paper. Why? Just simply answer me what have you written in your reflection of dissertation paper? Your used theories, your class experience, your difficulties, right? According to me- all are very generic. Your instructor does not want to know about your used theories and class experience because these things are all visible to him/her. Rest is your difficulties that you have solved with the help of your instructor. So why have you written these all again in your refection? These all have no use. Then what should we write? Your answer starts from below points. Just go through these points. All your confusions and above-mentioned questions will be answered. It is not for those who have completed their reflective reports but for those students also who have recently assigned this to prepare.

Practical experience: The title reflective report denotes that it wants your own experience in writing. Experience means all those knowledge that you have gathered from your overall research journey. While you re-searching for your assignments or research papers, new knowledge you have gained in every time. This is your practical knowledge because all these you have gained from your academic journey. Then reflect this experience in your report to introduce this new era with your readers. For suppose, your assigned research paper is on Shakespearean Plays.  So, how would you proceed with this paper? Obviously researching on Shakespearean plays, novels, reviews of plays and like these. Sometime you will be irritated for searching a lot about Shakespeare or be confused between your thought and review papers. Sometime you also will be glad by knowing more new information about Shakespeare. Express these all in your report to show your readers both your irritation and pleasure of learning that they can get an idea about overall research methods.

Your own thinking: Reflect your thought to your readers that they can get various viewpoints about a same topic. How? It’s too simple. Justify your collected data by your own viewpoints to your readers or in your reflective report. Simply thought, some people look to nature as gift of God and some just it as nature i.e. being of its existence. All is about reception-oriented viewpoint. Therefore, you are not the only one who has researched on Shakespeare but many scholars have done it before. So what is different between your papers with them? This is the field where you can show your own viewpoints or create your new vision on selected topic to your readers. Believe me; this new perception is always welcome for readers along with its positive and negative outlook.

Your own way of application: Wait! It is not just to show your used theories or modules. It is already has seen by readers in the primary sections of your research papers or assignments. Here readers want to know how you as individual have applied those renowned theories or modules in your paper. Therefore, critical analysis is needed otherwise it will be too much generic to reading and may be one of the reasons of your less mark in semesters.

Perception of your idea on readers: Yes, your writing style will be always from your reader’s point of view. It is because, while you have prepared your research paper, it is for projecting a new idea to your readdress. Therefore, your reflective report also must be written from reader’s point of view that what kind of benefit they can get or problem they can face through your theory of applications. It will make your readers known about the efficacy of your paper.

Problems faced by you: State your problems that you have faced regarding formulating your paper. Make sure, this point is not required your knowledge gap. It only wants to know your problem of application of those theories or modules that further help your future researchers.

Your knowledge gap: This point should be in your conclusion of the reflective report. Yes, being a student it is not possible for you to know everything about your selected topic and in limited time. Therefore, some knowledge gap will be there that you need to confess honestly to your readers. If not, then your paper will lose its authenticity. Always remind, scholarly papers also have some research gaps and for these critical reviews formulated. Scholars only project their viewpoints with thorough research in their paper but viewpoint can be differing according to different reception orientation. From this gap, further reviews or research paths will raise. As you are a student, therefore, acknowledge your knowledge issue clearly to your readers that will open future research scope for them.

Hope these above-mentioned points will solve all your answers of using reflective report in assignments or research papers. Believe me; you will love to write a reflective report as because it has no such academic rules or writing pattern to project your ideas. You just need to cover all those above-mentioned points clearly and that’s it. This funky style of expression yourself is highly appreciated among readers world.

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Well, your research proposal is selected, right? First of all, congratulation to you for this and secondly, welcome to a new genre of research field. Ya, I would describe it as new genre because you need to research vastly to critically tailor your dissertation or research paper.  So what’s your next plan? How will you proceed in your dissertation? Have you prepared your methodology chapter to show your plan? Don’t be surprised! Research methodology is the base of every dissertation to proceed on it further. Once you have planned it, rest of your paper will conclude easily.

It is like a tour plan. Whenever we plan for a short trip, first we plan a rough draft about our tours i.e. which sides we will visit, how many times we will spend, what will be the expense and all. Similarly, research methodology is nothing but mapping of your entire dissertation. As your proposal is selected, therefore, the primary planning is done by you. Next, you need to amplify your planning through your dissertation. Problems will be raised as actual research method will differ from your propose plan. Therefore, some basic guidelines we are providing here that you must need to include in preparing your research methodology chapter. Please follow our below points.

Setting your research strategy: The first step that you have to follow in your research methodology section is its strategical analysis. It means your set of beliefs that you must use for your study. Basically, this analysis starts with discussing research paradigms. Various kinds of paradigms are used in basic research like ontology, epistemology, positivism, interpretivism. All these are some set of beliefs and while conducting your paper, all depends upon you that how you use those beliefs and which one you should take to complete your paper. Keep in mind, your rest of the methodology part will be depended on your chosen strategy.

For suppose, if you choose positivism research paradigm, then survey, quantitative data analysis will be your instrumental analysis because positivism paradigm seeks for empirical evidence. It means you should focus on past history of your chosen subject and need to analysis its current issue accordingly. For this purpose, survey and quantitative analysis are the only options along with secondary data.

It is a case study that you need to solve as per the given issue. If I am not so wrong, then all of you have used some case study or case scenario while preparing your assignments. Just recall it. Before proceeding into that case scenario, you all have conducted a thorough research on it. After collecting all relevant data then you have started writing your papers. Right? Similarly, you must be careful while choosing your research paradigm because your entire research design is based upon that. You can’t use mix method research in positivism paradigm or only quantitative method in interpretivism paradigm. All these paradigms have some certain rules that you need to follow while conducting our research. If your proposal not approved then I will advise you to choose your paradigm after understanding your topic. It will be better if you approve your chosen strategy by your supervisor otherwise your entire research method will be in vain.

Instrumentation analysis: The second step you need to consider is selecting proper instruments for your research. Likert scale, interview protocols are some basic and created instruments by researcher or students. So if you are selecting positivism research paradigm then Likert scale will be suitable instrument for you because of measuring unit of respondents properly. If you have short time period to complete your research paper, then through Likert scale, you can make both quantitative and small amount of qualitative analysis of your research paper.

Similarly, interview protocol will be used for interpretivism paradigms in where students/researchers are allowed for research by studying human behaviour. It means you need to follow some basic rules of social science in interpretivism paradigm.

Data analysis: This is the vital part of your methodology. Most of the students here make a mistake. They just present the feedback of respondents here. But it is not asking you to present respondents response of your samples that you have gathered from interview or Likert scale instruments. This section needs your own view after presenting respondent’s feedback.

Though the 98% part of data analysis is segregated for data analysis and findings chapter of your dissertation, but in methodology, you also have to give a summary of your findings to make your supervisor understand about your view. It is nothing but a small pilot study to present your preliminary opinion to your supervisor. In proposal, you already have presented it but in dissertation, your justification for those opinions must and must require.

Ethical considerations: This end point is too much important to prove the authenticity of your research. It is not about making your paper plagiarism free or inserts references, but consent of your respondents whom you have used or plan to use as sample for your research. Make sure, after finishing your paper, a blank consent form must be in your appendix. Also, submit 2-3 demo consent forms with your paper that show open participation of all your samples in your dissertation. If you are not allowed to submit those forms then at least carry it with you in your inspection room to prove the authenticity of your research paper.

Maintain these basic points in your research methodology chapter. Rest you can develop through internet searching or by the guidance of your supervisor. Wishing you all the best and hope your paper will present a new and positive view to all of us readers.

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We read. What? Only Books? Nopes… reading is not only related to your fat books or class lecture notes. We always or often read our surrounding environment, our own self, symbols, environments, everything. All we read, we understand its meaning (obviously as per our knowledge), make a mental structure on it to behave accordingly. Then, why is re-reading??? Is it only for understanding our class lessons or getting good grades in our semesters?  Questions are many but answer is one- ‘to develop ourselves’. Yes, Re-reading is essential to develop our own thoughts, understandings, perceptions over society and obviously to develop our own knowledge.

Literature or Social Science students may once read the research paper ‘Of Grammatology’ from where concept of re-reading critically discussed and analysed. Therefore, literature or social science students may observe re-reading as the critical application of discourse analysis but here we are discussing the motive of re-reading for students. You can question us that are we not understand things or content in our first reading? Obviously yes, but re-reading is also necessary to recognize core value of the content or statement. According to us, international students must have to use this to interact in abroad.

Most of the international students have faced a major problem regarding language while studying in abroad.  For this reason, learning also became too difficult for students as they could not communicate with their instructors or colleagues. You often may face this issue in university tour. Importance of re-reading is here as it will provide you with a construct inner meaning of your sender through symbolic options. Other than that, it also assists abroad students to apply their critical notions while preparing their research papers or assignments.

Make me explain you these all in a simple way. Just think about your first-day class. You feel little difficulty to understand your professor’s lectures. Right? But now you are familiar with all these. So how it happened? It happens through your re-listening process. You become habituate with your lecturer conversation gradually through continuous listening to his/her voice. It is simply learning process of a child. He or she learns everything by listening continuously. Similarly, re-reading of your paper or communicative symbols also help students to understand those contents deeper.  Here, we are providing you two basic points that will give you benefits through re-reading.

Deeper understanding: Students can identify main features of their content or subject to work upon it. It is like exposing your subject in newer way. E.g. suppose you are an MBA student studying in abroad. Your lecturer has taught MBA modules and its application in every week. You cannot remember weekly class lectures if you do not involve yourself in reading. So how you marked your progress? It will be reflected in per week as longer you involve yourself in continuous reading. This process will basically redirect you into re-reading otherwise you cannot understand the basic concept of your learned theory or module properly.

Accuracy in knowledge: As longer you involve in continuous reading and learning new things, your knowledge accuracy also will be increased. It is because re-read help us to decode the first phrase intensely that create a perception about next phrase on reader’s mind. Basically, re-read help students to think every phrase logically.

Don’t only see it as an advice from our end but applied it in your daily scenario. If you are involved in making your assignment or dissertation, then apply these basic rules to make your paper more accurate and also to show your comprehend knowledge. Just keep time for checking plagiarism report. Rest all are authentic and outcome of your creative mind.

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Preparing an assignment is not too hard but it will be little tough job for medical students. It is because they need to spend their maximum time in lab or testing medicines or involving in some other medical jobs. At night, when students are thinking about to prepare their assignments, it became too much hectic for them. It is not only about writing but its application is important. Mostly, students are assigned some case studies or scenarios of affected people whom they need to treat as per their learning’s. So whenever you are assigned a case scenario of a patient, it is the primary task for you to understand its disease and prescribed medicines and treatment accordingly. In a similar way, these treatments or its therapeutic applications, you must have to show in your medical assignment. So now I think you are able to understand that it is not a job for reading only fat books or just involve yourselves in writing.

Most of the cases, we have this fake idea that reading books and awaking consecutive nights can complete our semester assignments. Specially, you medical people think like that, then leave all these fake facts. Until you do not understand application of medicines on following diseases, you cannot prescribe or treated any of patients. Diagnosing the medical issue, here is the big challenge for students and let me tell you frankly, students faced problems in this area. So, only reading books and attending your classes are not enough for medical students. Here, we are giving you some basic guidelines about writing medical assignment. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Listen to patient issue carefully: Whenever you are assigned a case scenario or patient medical history, first understand your patient issue. It will be simple if you start to think like a doctor. Whenever you went to your doctor he/she first listen to your problems carefully. Otherwise, he/she cannot prescribe you correct treatment for your disease right??? So until or unless you understand your patient problem, you also be unable to make him/her clinical advice.

Identifying aetiology: Identifying your patient’s problem is the second step. Here, you can apply your medical knowledge or class lectures to understand the issue.

Make differential diagnosis: It is too much important for clinicians’ otherwise proper treatment cannot possible. Some time we found different conditions in similar clinical features. This makes us confused and often lead us towards wrong treatment of patients. So, if we make a DD or Differential Diagnosis of our patients or the given case scenario, then our treatment will be in right track.

Check past medical history: Check past medical report of your patient or case scenario. Otherwise, you cannot make a proper justification of your given treatment. Not only that if you overlooking medical history sometime, it will cause for some serious health issue for your patient. So, whenever, you are working in your medical project, make sure, you have properly justified past medical report of your patient. It also helps you in identifying patient’s aetiology specifically.

Give some clinical test and medicine: Prescribe some clinical test through which you will be sure that your suspected medical issue is correct. In case of assignment writing, prescribe some useful clinical test that could help your patient to check their medical issues properly. Along with this, mentioned some medicines that can cure your patient’s health.

Draw conclusion: Draw your own conclusion about your identified disease and your research on it. Reflect your ideas that you have developed through differential diagnosis and aetiology. Keep in mind, your conclusion must be opened to research on it further.

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I often asked this question myself this question. Yes, because as a student, I am the responsible person to prepare my notes, my assignments for my upcoming semester. Whatever I did that is very normal. We prepare our assignment notes after reading all scholarly articles, by understanding their arguments, relate it to our class notes and then write down the entire paper by our own analysis. It is a common task for all students. At last of my paper, I was supposed to add some referencing and insert citations in my assignment. Then why I do that?? Though I have borrowed information from other research papers, but my analysis is my own. I have made my assignment with full of my efficiency. Then why we use referencing?

I think many of you have this same curiosity. Sometime, this also can be asked by someone that what is the proof that I have borrowed all the thoughts of those authors mentioned in my assignment referencing? We frequently faced this question in our examination hall. Instructor often asked us. Are you Remember?? So let me answer you all these queries by three basic answers.

  1. Referencing is the proof of your assignment authenticity. Guess, your friend has recommended you in his company. In interview session, interviewer will have some gentleness to you as your friend referred you. As this reference give you benefit in your interview table, like that, reference of scholarly authors also provide you with the authentic stamp to your assignment.
  2. It helps to avoid plagiarism. By using referencing and citation, you can avoid plagiarism as no one can claim that you have stolen their thoughts or writings.
  3. It will help you to demonstrate your knowledge and argument towards the topic.

Note: Use accurate referencing in right place otherwise your paper will be a big question mark. If you are writing a management assignment and cited a medical referencing, then your paper is false. It will lose persuasiveness of your assignment.

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