How to Create Unique and Fresh Content for your Assignment

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How to Create Unique and Fresh Content for your Assignment

Let’s face it, assignments are an inevitable part of your academic curriculum and no University or College will let you rest unless you have submitted about a dozen of them each semester. How do students keep coping with this pressure of coming up with relevant and unique content to boost their assignments to the forefront? Well, there are established Editing and Proofreading Services that students can rely on for help. These institutions not only ease a student’s burden but also make sure the content presented by them is 100% authentic.

Below are a few pointers to ensure you can come up with original content whenever the situation or circumstance demands.

  1. Planning Ahead

Students don’t get to hear this enough and you know why? It’s because pre-planning your assignment actually paves the way for its success. You get all the time in the world to conduct detailed research which in turn ensures you have reliable data for your study. Finding relevant facts and data in time also gives you the luxury of cross-checking information which gets overlooked in a hurried submission. Planning ahead also lets you be more creative and think out of the box as far as your content is concerned because it gives you time to test out multiple approaches and select what’s best for you. Leading Proofreading Services stand by students at each of these steps, right from the planning phase.

  1. Read and Brainstorm

Reading as much as you can is an absolute necessity. When you read more and more even if it on a single topic, it fills you up with ideas and notions about your own content that you will be presenting in your assignment. It will also help you gain deeper insights into various views and interpretations of that particular topic. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to accept all that information as it is. Brainstorm instead. Try to logically evaluate the facts and statistics and you will be able to come up with interpretations of known facts that are completely your own.

  1. Think Objectively and Use Own Examples

When you’re writing an assignment it is important to think objectively as well as critically. You may use examples from your own life as evidence to support your stance but be careful not to indulge in bias. Even when you are evaluating your own experiences, you must look at them objectively, preferably as a third person to refrain from getting personally involved in inferences. Critical evaluation will not only help you clear your judgment but will also make sure your arguments are unique and uninfluenced. Professional Proofreading Services aid students in this regard as their teams of professional editors scrutinize each and every project to identify traces of bias and subjective analogies.

  1. Cite Sources and Check for Plagiarism

When you have picked an idea or a statement from any particular source, you must remember to cite that source or reference your work. Without proper referencing in place, your work would hold very little ground in the academic universe. Plagiarism is nothing but theft of ideas and if you want your work to be perceived as fresh and unique, you must steer clear of it. Avoid copying or replicating content at any cost. There are various online tools available for detecting plagiarism in an assignment. Editing and Proofreading Services worldwide check your content for identification and removal of unintentional plagiarism.

  1. Review and Proofread

Okay, so this is a no-brainer. Of course, you need to proofread. It not only helps to eliminate unnecessary data and streamline your project but also ensures you don’t end up with content that sounds similar to some other content that you have been referencing your work from. Hence, it is important to not only proofread once but multiple times so that you are absolutely certain the material sounds fresh and one of a kind and so that you do not miss out of any detail which might add a different flavour to your assignment altogether. Sometimes letting others edit and proofread your work may also result in bringing some obscure mistake to the forefront that you had gotten used to overlooking. Get your friends or peers to help you out in this regard or better still, contact your nearest Editing and Proofreading Services to add that extra edge to your work.

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custom editing

Can Student do ‘Custom Editing’ by own?

What is it? Is it just re-checking your paper once again to find out silly mistakes and improve that accordingly? Then why are you looking for a service? Wait! Don’t go for that word ‘Custom Editing’. It is nothing but kind of proofreading your paper, point out your mistakes and improve your paper according to academic guidelines. Editing is not always related to Press and Newspapers and it not just means only deleting extra and non-useful words. We have a conventional idea about editing that is to change entire concept written by the writer to reform it into editor’s conception. But it is wrong. Editing always follows some principles like ethical writing, removing unnecessary words, rechecking punctuation, grammars and ultimately establish institutional belief in that article. Here ‘Custom Editing’ means a conventional form of editing that is too easy for students and they can do it on their own if they follow some certain principles. Some guidelines we are giving below for custom editing that hope will be helpful for students. Please follow our guidelines;

Look at the structure:

It is like the skeleton of your paper. If your structure or draft is approved by your supervisor, then go for a good sleep at night. Because your 60% of the assignment is done. Rest is only filling up the structure with relevant points that is too much easy for you. It is like a rough sketch of drawing. If we approve our rough sketch then we give our final touch on it for presentation. Right? So, be careful about preparing your assignment or report structure. In case of a research paper, I will advise you to definitely approve your research draft by your instructor otherwise, it will be painful for you in upcoming days. If your structure is ok, then 80% of editing is done. So be careful while you are preparing your assignment structure. Remember, your base must be solid; rest is covering and painting on the skeleton.


Yes, it is the basic rule for custom editing. Your sentence may not be too long and obviously too short. Construct your sentence for academic writing between 15-20 words. Use of too long sentence can deconstruct reader’s mind, therefore, sometimes understanding key points of your analysis seem difficult.

Basic Grammar:

There is no option in getting relief from the grammar. Basic grammar of your paper must and must be correct. Sometimes, students with weak grammar sense have used mixed tenses in their writing. It is too pathetic to read and understand for readers. So, be careful about your grammatical issues. Now, many grammars checking software’s are available on the internet, but those might not be helpful until or unless you have a basic idea about construct sentences and used tenses. So, use short sentences that will more or less help you to reduce your grammatical mistakes and proofread properly.

Citation format:

A citation is too much important in academic writing. Writers use it for proving authentication of their paper. Various kinds of citations style and formats are there but in your assignment, you need to use proper format of your instructed citation. Otherwise, your paper will lose its authentication value. It happens for most of the students that they get fewer marks for improper citations and incorrect format through their grammar, punctuation and others basic parameters of writing an academic paper is correct. So, please take it seriously while you are assigned yourself to custom editing of your assignment.

Graphical presentation:

The graphical presentation is visual literacy. Sometimes, pictures tell us the entire story that seems difficult to understand through writing. Without having any picture, it looks too boring to read a fat book. Therefore, use some relevant, graphs, pictures or images in your assignment or academic paper to make it interesting and dynamic to your readers. Don’t use unnecessary images but relevant graphs, statistical data you can put to increase the authenticity of your paper.

Headings and Sub points:

Make sure, your paper has some relevant heading and subheadings. It is too tough and irritating for us to read long paragraphs. For readers, it seems very hard to understand the actual intention of the writer. So, if we use some relevant headings and subheadings in our academic paper especially for a dissertation, it will be interesting and more acceptable for readers. Custom editing services always recommend the use of relevant headings for a better presentation and appreciation from the readers.

Pictorial TOC:

TOC or table of content will be a short reflection of your entire assignment. It will be like a trailer for your assignment or dissertation. So if you want to make it nice, then use some relevant headings and subheadings and put it under the table of content to prepare a short glance trailer of your assignment. For dissertation or research paper, preparing a good table of content will help you in getting good marks, as your instructor is well-known about your all relevant points from your TOC. You can also check some useful videos on youtube to create TOC.

Theoretical application:

No, readers don’t want to know the theory but only its application. Most of the students have made mistake in this section. They all are written about the used theory and its problems. But it is easily available. Readers want to know about your views about that theory. So, your theoretical application is must in your paper otherwise, your all hard work will be in vain.


Along with all relevant information, correct grammar, images, and punctuation, you must have to apply your critical notion in your paper. For this, use the theoretical comparison to show your critical analysis. Raising arguments will help you in developing your in-depth analysis in the academic paper.


Once, you complete the entire process, just re-read your paper for just once again. Result??? Your silly mistakes, more improvements, developed analytical technique will be reflected through your re-reading that will make your assignment best creation of yours.

So, leave your all anxieties and start writing your assignment. Work as best as you can. Our custom editing guidelines will help you in getting good marks in your assignment.

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