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marketing management

The concept of marketing management has evolved with the changing perception and consumption behaviour of the consumers. The access to Smartphone, social media, internet and globalization has opened multiple choices for the customers. With such change in the consumer behaviour, the field of marketing has come with many new concepts of marketing. Viral marketing, freebie marketing, relationship marketing, Call to Action (CTA) marketing etc. are some of the new concepts that are used to communicate with the target customers. Marketing has always been one of the interesting fields for the young executives and students. Its transformation in the digital world had made it one of the lucrative career and business avenues. This transformation in the marketing concepts has also changed the pattern of writing marketing assignments. You need to put more efforts to score good grades.

Some important topics and concepts used in marketing assignments

Let us explore some of the important concepts that are widely used in marketing management. You already know that you must be clear with the core concepts of marketing. Your teacher will not simply ask about the definition and methods. What makes marketing management papers interesting is that it requires you to apply suitable marketing concepts in your assignments just like a pro.  Marketing Mix, Market pricing, Marketing Plan, STP strategy, brand loyalty, niche marketing and many more are some of the popular topics of discussion in most of the marketing management assignments. Your assignment can be based on case scenario of a hypothetical brand or a real-life organization. Based on the case scenario you need to apply suitable concepts to your answers.

Why do students score low on their marketing management assignment?

Let us check some of the common issues that lower the score in marketing management assignment:

  • Explaining the definitions and concepts rather than applying them to the questions
  • Lack of relevant examples to support the answers
  • Application of inappropriate theories and models
  • Lack of substantial information to support the final answers
  • Less use of statistics and market information as found in most of marketing plan assignments
  • No use of Diagrams, flow-charts, graphs, and tables
  • Poor linking of marketing concepts with the given case study

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From the above point, it is must be clear to you that writing a marketing management assignment is not an easy task. What seems to you quite interesting at first can frustrate you at the end as it might become tedious if you fail to arrive at conclusive answers. Rushing to meet the deadlines will also not help as you might botch up your assignment at the end. The deadlines for finishing up other assignments can also add to your pressure.

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