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Academic writing is nothing but to solve question papers of various academic institutions. You will provide some question papers of various colleges, universities. You just need to answer all those questions with suitable analysis and examples.
You are required to guide students in their project. We are academic service provider that helps worldwide students to complete their projects and get good marks. Nothing is unethical in this field.
Web content is textual image of any website. Customers can understand about the website by reading its content. SEO based content key words based writing to attract traffic in internet. But in our academic content is student paper. A student can get academic degree with the help of our service. So it is most serious work compare to Web content or SEO based Content.
It is bit tough to answer. But is you are passionate about writing; then your career is dynamic in this field. You will experience with new topics, writing formats, referencing styles. Apart from these all, you first need to understand how to proceed with this job and how to give a complete touch. Otherwise, it will become a headache for you to do same job in each and every day.
You will provide one question paper that we often say as ‘job card'. Some questions will be there and you need to solve all those questions. You can take help of internet resources to solve those questions obviously. But make sure you have read the job card carefully before giving answers all those questions. There may be some requirements in job card like referencing style, font style, font size, case studies and all. You must have to fulfill all those mentioned requirements to get good marks. Otherwise, your paper may not be satisfactory.
A job card is question paper of any College or University. The questions will be from class lectures that professor has taught in semester. You need to solve that question paper along with its all requirements like referencing style, case studies and all. Some job cards or question papers have learning outcomes, merit, and distraction outcomes. While you going to solve these question papers, you must have to meet all these outcomes to get pass mark in your semester.
Yes, referencing all projects is necessary for academic writing. It is not just content for website promotion or product description. You are a student and therefore, your all analysis must indicate some authentic sources. Otherwise, your content will no more valid.
Basically, you will assign projects related to your academic fields. Because we all know you can perform better in your field rather than some other academic areas. If you are from B-Tech or M-tech background, then we will assign you IT projects; or if you are from Masters or Graduates in literature subjects then we will assign you literature projects.
As we will assign you projects from your related field so it will be not too difficult for you to understand related theories or models. If not, then Google it, all your queries will be solved. Sometime, students or professors itself mentioned about some theories or models in the question paper. That should be fine but if not, then you need to apply those by your own. In giving answer of referencing style, we majorly follow Harvard referencing style for assignments and dissertations. In case of law project, footnote, and Oscola referencing styles are used. But in major cases preferred referencing style is mentioned in the question paper. For that purpose, you need to read the question paper or the job card carefully otherwise you will miss out all these key requirements.
We can't say it in one or two words because it is depended on project specifications. For assignments or reports, a minimum 2500-3000 word is required. In case of research project, word count will be 4000-5000. For dissertation, it will depend according to your degree. In case of Master's degree, word count will be up to 25,000 while Ph.D. dissertation starts from 80,000 words.
It is depended on word count, job nature and urgency of the project. As a human being, you cannot write more than 3500 in a day. So if your assigned project is more than 3500 words, then you obviously need to complete on that day. But if the job has urgent deadline, then we will arrange some back up for you. So you per day word target will be between 2500-3500. If you unable to meet your word target, then we will try to extend deadline of the job according to its importance. Alternatively, if the job is bit critical, then your word count will be less as you will require maximum time for doing research. So, all id depend on upon job urgency and its nature.
Obviously, you need to write your paper in soft copy i.e. in computer. Students need to submit their hard copy and soft copy in their college or university. Another reason of writing in soft copy is that student needs to submit their paper in Turnitin website for plagiarism checking.
Mainly knowing Microsoft Office is minimum required for academic researchers. You need to know functions of MS word, PPT, Excel. If you are from IT back ground, then usage of some IT software’s you need to learn.
No, you can’t. Copy paste any material directly from internet is totally prohibited in academic writing. It is cheating with your academics.
Plagiarism is basically academic fraud. Any material directly copied and pasted from internet sources will be plagiarism. It proves are stealing someone else thought and wanted to prove that as your own. It is basically cheating with your academics career. Apart from this direct copy-pasting, plagi also can came if you are not paraphrased your internet material properly. If turnitin found three consecutive words sequentially in your writing and it matched with internet source then it also counted as plagi. So, apart from copy pasting, paraphrase the material properly. Understand the substance of the paragraph and then write it down. Plagi also can come in similar format of two word files. So be careful about all these issues before writing.
No, it is also can count as plagi if your own writing is submitted before in Turnitin. So try to produce your own words in every time to avoid plagiarism.
For direct quotes, you can paraphrase the inner meaning of the quote otherwise, it will plagiarise.
If you directly copied and pasted the quote from internet sources, then it will be plagiarised. But if only meaning is written down in your paper, then plagi will not count.
As an academic researcher, you will be terminated for making plagi because it is academic fraud. You are assigned a project and you have paid for that. In this case, doing plagi means you are cheated with us.
You can’t change universal terms and direct quotes but you can avoid plagi in this case by writing down its inner meaning only.
Paraphrasing is nothing but to understand the inner meaning of the paragraph and execute in your own language. It will be best to read each paragraph of your study material and understand its gist. Then you can write it down in your own language and analysis. But make sure your paraphrasing format must be entirely different from your primary material.
You cannot paraphrase the subject terminologies but you can change the wordings that will make your paper different from the primary paper. It will be best way to understand the inner meaning of your paragraph and then start writing by your own to avoid plagiarism.
It depends according to fail report. Student will send us a failed report. Detail cause of getting low marks will be written down there. If we found any kind of major mistake done by you, then for first time, we will warn about this. Later, if fail percentage get increased then monetary punishment will be allotted.
A first criterion in getting good marks in assignment is to read the job card/question paper carefully. You can then understand each key requirements of your assignment properly to start it. Draw a suitable and catchy introduction of your assignment. Make your writings more critical and analytical as you can. Develop a suitable conclusion in your assignment to project your overview. Avoid plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, typographical mistakes and passive voice. It will be best to add an appendix in the last of your project to show your source authenticity.
It is nothing but using some ‘bad words’. If you write any unnecessary words in your academic project, then we will consider it as academic filler. Suppose, your sentence like ‘the play is currently showing at 6pm...’ using currently is academic filler because we all know time is the exact moment that for starting the play. So using currently is totally unnecessary here.
There is no such exact way but I will advise you to write exact point on your given topic. First researched well and then use ample information to tailor your project. Informative writings and your critical notion will help you to avoid academic filler.
If your project gets fail, then student will definitely send you failed report after 3 or 5 months of your project submission. If the project gets pass, then you will receive more projects from students.
Yes, students will send his/her project to you for review. It will happen if student wants to modify his/her paper or to add more information.
Rework is basically project revision done by you. It may be come if it is not seemed satisfactory to students or student wants to add more information.
No, reworks may not always negative if it comes with additional requirements. Like, if student send back his/her project to add more information, to change your analysis pattern or like something else, then it definitely positive rework. But if rework came for grammar issue, bad sentence construction, referencing issue, then it is negative feedback from students. If these kinds of negative reworks came repeatedly, then you may charge under financial punishment.
Read your job card properly. Make sure, every requirements of your job card you have fulfilled. Focus on your critical analysis and job title. Avoid grammatical mistakes and referencing error. These are the basic parameters of making your project perfect. If any of these mentioned parameters ignored, then negative rework will came. Otherwise, student will sent for revision with positive feedback.
8 hours is minimum working time in academic job. As per IST (Indian Standard Time) 10:00 am to 6:00pm is the minimum working time.
Plan your daily work time in beginning of your office hours. If you seem your assigned project tough or you feel not to complete it in given time, then inform your higher authority about this issue in first hour. Otherwise it will become headache for both you and your higher authority.
No you only need to work in mentioned office hours. If reworks came in late night or after office hours, then higher management will take time for next date.
No such specific reward is there if assignments get passed. But increments/incentives will be provided according to your performance in making projects.


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