When we discuss essay writing, we must consider that there are lots of varieties of an essay. There is a custom essay, literature essay, reflective essay, admission essay, case study essay and much more. Each type of essay conveys different information. But the main structure of each essay is more or less same. Until or unless, it is specified other ways, an essay comprise five paragraphs. The first and the last paragraph contain introduction and conclusion respectively. The rest of three paragraphs is the main body of the essay.

The essays are used initially as a short piece of writing which express the thoughts of the writers. With the advancement of the civilisation and the education, essays are started to use as an educational tool. With the help of an essay the teachers or the professor comes to understand whether a student understands a particular topic or not. Therefore, writing an essay in a right way is crucial for a student for their course work.

While writing an essay, it should be kept in mind that the each and every paragraph is linked and should not sound as separate detached. There must be a flow throughout an essay. Initially, essays are meant for a literary purpose; hence, the choice of language for an essay is vital. It also should be kept in the back of the mind, while writing an essay, that the main objective of it is to convey the thoughts of the writer with proper choice of language.

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