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Bibliography we all heard. But about annotated bibliography??? How many of us know about it? OMG!!! Ok, let me answer how many of us heard about this bibliography? Now it is satisfactory. We all heard about it but don’t know its application in academic services. Basically, annotated bibliography used mainly for writing scholarly papers, PhD dissertations to show why the writer has selected those resources for their advanced study. So basically it is an advanced and elaborative form of a bibliography. Writer or researcher has to project the critical outlook of their chosen reference briefly.

Wait Wait Wait! Are you getting confused between annotated bibliography and abstract? Ok, let me clear this confusion first. The abstract is the overview of your written research paper while annotated bibliography is the justification of your chosen references used in our research paper or assignment. Simply saying, space of abstract is based on your research paper or assignment On the other hand; the annotated bibliography is open-end writing of your used scholarly papers. It will increase the authenticity of your research paper. So lets’ start to learn about writing an annotated bibliography. Please follow our below steps:

Select all sources first:

The First step must be your resource collection. Gather all your primary and secondary resources to prepare your bibliography list. Make sure your collected resources must have a link to your assignment or research paper. An invalid resource is not required to prepare an annotated bibliography.

Prepare Bibliography list:

After collecting all relevant resources, now time is for preparing your bibliography list. Make sure, your bibliography list must be according to your required referencing style i.e. Harvard style, Chicago style, MLA style and all.

Identifies the arguments:

Now its the time for preparing an annotated bibliography. After preparing your all reference list, first find out the argumentative statement of your each selected resource. Write down each argumentative statement against of your every resource to show readers critical outlook of those selected papers. Make sure, it is not the literature review, so don’t link each statement with other resource’s statement. Just point out your critical overview of your every reference and write it down clearly.

Discuss the relevance of your used sources:

Make sure, after writing the critical statement of your every reference, the next paragraph should be your evaluation i.e. why you have selected those references for to your study. Please follow the below example format of annotated bibliography,

Gulle, K. (1995). International marketing, 3rd Ed. Oxford: London.

This book states …

Here the relevance of this book is to …

Prepare list according to referencing style:

Your reference list must be followed the required referencing style that you have mentioned in your college semester question paper. So prepare it accordingly. Each referencing style required a different format of an annotated bibliography. For example, MLA referencing style must have 3 paragraphs for each annotated bibliography. The first paragraph is for a summary of that text, secondly is for evaluation and third is your own reflection about that text.

On the other hand, Chicago referencing style of annotated bibliography can be done through one single paragraph that contains both the summary and evaluation of your text. All are depended on for different referencing styles.

Now you can understand how to write an annotated bibliography. So, if you are assigned some project that requires an annotated bibliography, just do it. Simply follow above steps. Your work will be completed easily.

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