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    • Hey, Guys! You all are here…
    • Ya, want to relax for some time. Today’s marketing class is too much boring. I don’t like too many data and statistical presentation at all. Pheewww…
    • Hmm, but we need to complete our marketing assignment right? So if we don’t attend the class how would we proceed?
    • Don’t worry guys! Internet is there. Dude, don’t look at all those statistical data… Just concentrate on analysis. It is important.
    • Yes, I am totally agreed with this. Our analysis is important more than graphical presentation…!!!

    (Back to present context)

    Are you people familiar with such conversations? Yes, it is like plain discussion that you have in your canteens or libraries or college premises. Why do you this? Ya, I agreed this is too much silly question but is not you observe it as group discussion. You people mostly have these kinds of discussion after watching any movies or plays. Why you discussed those all? May be to develop your knowledge or may be to find out the insight of the play or the movie or something else. Right? Have you done such discussion for your semester preparation? Consciously or unconsciously you have. Don’t be worried. It is a very good effort for you. Through group discussion, you only can able to develop yourself, critical analytical mind. So don’t be shy. If you are still out of any group, please join your friend circle and take part in their discussion. If you have no opinion, then just listen for first few days. You will definitely develop your personality and self. Below are some points are given to project need for group discussion. Just go through it.

    Interaction skill: Well, the first advantage that you get through group discussion is developing your interaction skill. Students who are not too much friendly in speaking with others can join group discussion. Make sure, you have your familiar groups. If it is not in your friend circle then discuss with your family members. It will also give you same improvement in developing your interaction skill. Further, it will help in getting success in your interview table because, if you are found too much shy, then it is not so impressionistic for your interviewers. Your attitude must be professional and confident. So if you are still feeling shy, then don’t hesitate, join your familiar group and take part in group discussion.

    Self-confidence: Obviously, your self-confidence will be developed as you will be involved more and more discussion part in your groups. Why? Too simple, group discussion is not one-sided communication You are allowed to present your views to your members. In beginning, you may fail to go with your members because of your lack of knowledge or not having sufficient information, but I will advise you not to hesitate. Take part in discussion. Listen few days first. Automatically, your learning eagerness will be developed. However, it is depended on you that whether you are eager to take out yourself from your inner shell or like to be inside. If you choose the first option, then it is very good and proficient decision for you.

    Plurality development: Group discussion will develop your plural mind. As you are listening all voices, therefore, your one way of thinking will be decreased and accept plural views will be developed. You can use these viewpoints further in preparing your assignments or papers. Students those who studied in abroad, specially need to develop this otherwise, you cannot take out yourself from your native shell.

    Logical understanding: Through group discussion, plurality among students will be developed. One way thinking will be lost and members will accept plural viewpoints. So, if you are participating in group discussion then, you also be able to think logically about your every query. I will advise you to create your group discussion whenever you have assigned one research project. It is because it requires lots of logical thinking and your critical view points. So, if you need to develop your theoretical arguments, then group discussion is the best method to develop yourself.

    Easy to understand: Sometime you will find any difficult point easily understandable in group discussion because of having pluralistic viewpoints and friendly atmosphere. Basic psychology says that the code ‘classroom’ creates a heavy and serious image in our mind and therefore, we cannot concentrate freely while taking notes in classrooms. But in friendly atmosphere or in our college canteen??? Whenever we will start discussing that note or that lecture, it is easily understandable to us. This is the basic advantage of group discussions that reduce complexity from any serious situation and makes it easy to accept.

    Developed analytical mind: As stated before, through group discussion, students will able to develop their analytical mind because they are able to accept plural viewpoints. Make sure, you applied your analytical viewpoints in your research papers or assignments. Specially, while your assigned project is related with any case study, analytical thinking requires more there to analyse and justify it more specifically. Take help of your friends to sort out your selected issues to proceed in your assignments or reports.

    Raising queries: Well, you often have raised queries in your class room’s right??? Why? Is it because you have difficulties in understanding? Then why it is needed in group discussion??? Yes, it is required. It is not about because of having its familiar atmosphere but because of developing your own self. You can find an urge of requirement of some unconscious facts through group discussion. It is because, this familiar atmosphere has developed your own self and analytical mind and for this, some natural queries will rise in your conscious mind that cultivates your knowledge.

    Relaxation: It is ultimate and final. Relaxation in gaining knowledge and doing study is only possible in group discussion. Friendly atmosphere reduces your shy attitude while enriching your knowledge with proper information and plural viewpoints.

    So, don’t waste your time. Pile up sufficient information through your group discussion. Don’t think that you need to concentrate in your study 24*7 hours or need to discuss serious issues always with your friends or in groups. But whenever you are discussing your study, make it academic and professional to develop your personal knowledge. Hope, our advice will work better for you. Good Luck…!!!

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