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Preparing an assignment is not too hard but it will be little tough job for medical students. It is because they need to spend their maximum time in lab or testing medicines or involving in some other medical jobs. At night, when students are thinking about to prepare their assignments, it became too much hectic for them. It is not only about writing but its application is important. Mostly, students are assigned some case studies or scenarios of affected people whom they need to treat as per their learning’s. So whenever you are assigned a case scenario of a patient, it is the primary task for you to understand its disease and prescribed medicines and treatment accordingly. In a similar way, these treatments or its therapeutic applications, you must have to show in your medical assignment. So now I think you are able to understand that it is not a job for reading only fat books or just involve yourselves in writing.

Most of the cases, we have this fake idea that reading books and awaking consecutive nights can complete our semester assignments. Specially, you medical people think like that, then leave all these fake facts. Until you do not understand application of medicines on following diseases, you cannot prescribe or treated any of patients. Diagnosing the medical issue, here is the big challenge for students and let me tell you frankly, students faced problems in this area. So, only reading books and attending your classes are not enough for medical students. Here, we are giving you some basic guidelines about writing medical assignment. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Listen to patient issue carefully: Whenever you are assigned a case scenario or patient medical history, first understand your patient issue. It will be simple if you start to think like a doctor. Whenever you went to your doctor he/she first listen to your problems carefully. Otherwise, he/she cannot prescribe you correct treatment for your disease right??? So until or unless you understand your patient problem, you also be unable to make him/her clinical advice.

Identifying aetiology: Identifying your patient’s problem is the second step. Here, you can apply your medical knowledge or class lectures to understand the issue.

Make differential diagnosis: It is too much important for clinicians’ otherwise proper treatment cannot possible. Some time we found different conditions in similar clinical features. This makes us confused and often lead us towards wrong treatment of patients. So, if we make a DD or Differential Diagnosis of our patients or the given case scenario, then our treatment will be in right track.

Check past medical history: Check past medical report of your patient or case scenario. Otherwise, you cannot make a proper justification of your given treatment. Not only that if you overlooking medical history sometime, it will cause for some serious health issue for your patient. So, whenever, you are working in your medical project, make sure, you have properly justified past medical report of your patient. It also helps you in identifying patient’s aetiology specifically.

Give some clinical test and medicine: Prescribe some clinical test through which you will be sure that your suspected medical issue is correct. In case of assignment writing, prescribe some useful clinical test that could help your patient to check their medical issues properly. Along with this, mentioned some medicines that can cure your patient’s health.

Draw conclusion: Draw your own conclusion about your identified disease and your research on it. Reflect your ideas that you have developed through differential diagnosis and aetiology. Keep in mind, your conclusion must be opened to research on it further.

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