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I often asked this question myself this question. Yes, because as a student, I am the responsible person to prepare my notes, my assignments for my upcoming semester. Whatever I did that is very normal. We prepare our assignment notes after reading all scholarly articles, by understanding their arguments, relate it to our class notes and then write down the entire paper by our own analysis. It is a common task for all students. At last of my paper, I was supposed to add some referencing and insert citations in my assignment. Then why I do that?? Though I have borrowed information from other research papers, but my analysis is my own. I have made my assignment with full of my efficiency. Then why we use referencing?

I think many of you have this same curiosity. Sometime, this also can be asked by someone that what is the proof that I have borrowed all the thoughts of those authors mentioned in my assignment referencing? We frequently faced this question in our examination hall. Instructor often asked us. Are you Remember?? So let me answer you all these queries by three basic answers.

  1. Referencing is the proof of your assignment authenticity. Guess, your friend has recommended you in his company. In interview session, interviewer will have some gentleness to you as your friend referred you. As this reference give you benefit in your interview table, like that, reference of scholarly authors also provide you with the authentic stamp to your assignment.
  2. It helps to avoid plagiarism. By using referencing and citation, you can avoid plagiarism as no one can claim that you have stolen their thoughts or writings.
  3. It will help you to demonstrate your knowledge and argument towards the topic.

Note: Use accurate referencing in right place otherwise your paper will be a big question mark. If you are writing a management assignment and cited a medical referencing, then your paper is false. It will lose persuasiveness of your assignment.

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