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All you have hopefully received your research paper to complete for your next semester. So have you made any resolution for this year to making a draft of your research project? It is about to end. No more time is left to think about your daft. So have you thought anything about your research project? I mean what will be your research area, your probable hypothesis and all!!! If not then it’s time to think about this. It’s time to be prepared for your research paper. So let’s help you for your paper.

Before proceeding with your research paper, first, prepare your project draft that is proposal. Notice please, the word ‘proposal’ indicates about proposing something. It means you are going to propose your research plan to your readers or audiences before start working in it. For any dissertation or research paper, proposal is the primary step that clears the passageway for next door. So your proposal must be attractive and strong to draw your reader’s attention towards your research issue.

It is the outline of a chapter through which readers can understand what the chapter is dealing with and what will be its probable outcome. Some of you people often prepare a draft structure for your assigned assignment to get an approval from your professor. So is there any difference between assignment draft and proposal?? This question can be raised but let me tell you assignment is cover with your class notes while in proposal you mostly need your own interpretation and analysis. This is the prime difference between proposal writing and assignment draft. You can only just put your relevant theory or module in your assignment draft to show your analysis technique but in research proposal, forming research issue and research question is must and too much important. Without having a research question, a proposal cannot be granted for its further processing. In most of the cases, we students are being incapable to form research questions.  It is because we cannot identify with the research issue. Below assistances, therefore, we are providing students to overcome issues in proposal making.

  • Go with your title It will be academic, informative and catchy. Your title should carry your research propose and outcome. Let’s your readers think about it. It will be like ‘Impact of innovation of consumer buying behaviour’. Not like ‘Innovation has its great impact on consumer buying behaviour’. Readers will go through your research paper after reading the first title because it will create interest on them not like second one that concludes your statement in the beginning of your paper.
  • Make it as short but not in two or three words. 7-8 words in forming a title are enough. Maximum words can turn off reader’s attention from your paper.
  • Deal with your research issue. It must be reflected in your introduction. Make your readers aware of the issue or the problem you are dealt with in your paper.
  • Don’t make your introduction too much metaphorical. Keep in mind, readers want to know about your research purpose and they get interested from your title. So don’t make them weary through your wording ornaments. Inform them first about your research issue and purpose of study.
  • Form your research question. This is important part of your proposal. Your research questions will reflect all the key issues that you have developed on your title page and introduction. Your research variables must be reflected in your research question.
  • Form an appropriate hypothesis for your research. It will reflect your desire outcome in your final dissertation. Make sure, your hypothesis must be realistic.
  • Discuss your secondary data sources. From where you have found this issue and more theoretical evidence of scholars and authors. Make your literature review critical to point out your point of view in your proposal.
  • Tell about your research methods. It will contain your research designing method, data collection procedures, sample size, data analysis technique and research time plan.

Always remember, proposal writing is not about single day job but it is most serious work to prove your academic capability to your readers. So research thoroughly, before drawing any final conclusion. It will make your paper more authentic and reliable to believe on.

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