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Is it quite funny to guide for essay writing???

We are all habituated with essay from our teenage academic year. We need to write an introductory paragraph on our selected topic, its description and then conclusion. It is as simple as water. But I am here not talking about writing simple essays. We often heard about analytical essay, argumentative essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay as our knowledge gets outreached. So what are these??? Have we needed to follow same writing pattern for these all essay types? Are the writing styles same? How could we differentiate each of them from another and so many questions…?  Let’s guide you to write such types of essay.

First of all, let me answer all these questions. It is a big ‘NO’. But wait!!! There is no such universal parameter to differentiate all these essay types from each other. Then how could we proceed with these styles??? Just follow a simple formula.

Similar structure but Different writing style

Yes, your entire essay must have similar structure like introduction, body, and conclusion but writing style of each essay will be different. It can possible only by making changes in three layer structure. Just think it as a sandwich. It is funny to hear but interesting!!! The top slice and lower slice of a sandwich remain same while all changes are done in its centre. Different toppings in centre give different taste to a sandwich.

Similarly, an essay is like so. Top and lower slice may be same but variation will be noticed in its central writing style. It may be argumentative or narrative that suits your customers/instructors. Following are the guidelines to understand the difference of these types of essays.

Analytical Essay

  • Stick on your analysis
  • Tell readers about your main point of discussion
  • Show evidence from text to support your discussion
  • Reflect your personal opinion

Argumentative Essay

  • Make good research
  • Form two or three thesis statements
  • Give pros and cons of each statement
  • Emphasise on your argument
  • Writing will be research based

Narrative Essay

  • Use first person
  • Write your essay like story writing
  • Writing will be communicative
  • Use general words in writing

Persuasive Essay

  • Stick on your point of view
  • Draw reader’s interest
  • Always write from your reader’s point of view
  • Draw strong conclusion

So, now you will get understand what the basic difference among each of these types is. Yes, obviously it is interrelated with your report writing, research paper making. Keep in mind, your report contains statistics, analysis but essay requires your viewpoint. Your report will represent your institution or your associated case study but essay is your own voice. Your point of analysis will represent your reader’s outlook towards the topic. So move on to represent your readers/audience in your writing.

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